Child Labor And Indian Attitude

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Child Labor and Indian Attitude

brotee mukhopadhyay

It is really impossible to lift India overnight to a state where there will be no child labor. Children who are found to sweat in rural and urban fields of India will be thrown into greater plight if they are forced to stop what they have been doing. It should be taken into account that greater majority of the Indian population is still in unbelievably weaker economic state. Next to it, there is a phantom of 120 crore of people. The happy and healthy childhood in India is practically like a fiction.

On the other hand, the Indian rulers are occupied with series of problems because of which plight of the children cannot draw their attention. They are busy with issues like scams and elections, because scams and elections are always alive in India. They make laws for the welfare of the poor children, but do not know how to implement those laws. It is also a fact that they do not find time to think anything creatively or to control the machinery which is expected to implement those laws properly. They also apprehend that much of their comforts will be sacrificed if those laws are adequately implemented. In this respect, politicians of any orientation, right or left, are on the same boat like brothers.

Indian society demands a service from the civil society which is more or less privileged and which, sometimes, seems to possess conscience, the rarest of all fine elements. Some persons have formed non-government organizations for the poor children and they render brilliant services no doubt. They contribute to a minute fraction of the total mission.

It is really impossible to equip all of the Indian children with minimum required nutrition. Nor it is possible to provide them unpolluted environment so that they love to go to school and can grow happily. India should seriously consider redistribution of its wealth and real empowerment of its people; otherwise, projects like midday meals will never yield the necessary result. This is a huge task and this is a task of the politicians. Indian politicians have aptitude to deliver thousands-worded lectures on empowerment and entitlement, but they have rarely shown that they can travel through any non-conventional weather peacefully and without the use of violence.


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