World View #3

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Sophialaurenea Destine

February 17, 2011

PERFECTION by Mark Helprin

                In the middle through the end, the story grew momentum. I couldn’t put the book down! I contemplated to myself, “Are we related?” Roger and I had the identical philosophy. Finally, I met someone who didn’t desire financial reward! It was refreshing to read: Roger only sought to accomplish God’s work without seeking personal glory. I love it! I wished to be like Roger. Especially, when, it came to swimming. Funny, I craved to be supported by my Catholic Church too like Roger. I didn’t care for the perks that he had from being a “star” player.

                My own opinion spoke volumes on all the missing people and homicide cases that I volunteered on.  Although I was an amateur; I altered into Mr. Peter Jennings reporting what I knew to Det. Jerry Giorgio at the 34 pct. in Washington Heights. Unlike Roger, my hue and religious beliefs were not welcomed. I didn’t want to develop a complex thinking inwardly, “Does the Almighty only speak to White people?” I had to stay focus. I gave information on Sonia Hidalgo murder. Det. Giorgio was skeptical of me so; he passed me along to Det. Marta Rosario. My feelings were not injured since I had tunnel vision on saying what needed to be stated. When I told, Det. Rosario about Sonia’s XXX being cut off; the primary detective took over handling me. Det. Giorgio was a veteran on the police force over 36 years! Talking to him; I had to make sure I gave valid information.

                I initiated picking on the Baby Hope’s homicide case. “The male is Caucasian, blue eyes, push back blonde hair and 40 years old”, I averted so nervously; it made the whole homicide squad quiet. Det. Giorgio now became “Big Daddy”. Nonetheless, I chose to call him “Uncle Jerry”. He would call the store owner and tell them to hide all their gallons of milk. Then, Uncle Jerry would send me to the store for some milk. Of course, I utilized my pious prize and got the cow’s vitamin D solution. One time, he got me to shake Det. John Burgess’ hand. Mr. Syd, my hands commenced burning. The pain was unbearable; so I ran to the bathroom. “Sophia, you re-affirm my belief in your spiritual gifts today”, he informed me. Nevertheless, Uncle Jerry still questioned my every move. It became a battle zone of will & wits. If I proclaimed the murderer was a female; Uncle Jerry exclaimed it was in fact a male he suspected. If I said Baby Hope was found in a white top, red bottom ice cooler; the detective retorted, “It was a blue cooler Baby Hope was in!” I love and respected the man and the law enforcement experiences. Yet, his tests were so exhausting and time consuming.              

                I felt like a freak. I cherished doing God’s work yet the police cases were so ugly and scary. Like Mr. Daniel Pearl, I sensed I needed a creative outlet to bring happiness in my life. Acting, modeling, singing and writing counter-acted the morbidity of my volunteering on homicide / missing people cases. Mrs. Barbara Walters gave me wisdom to know: An Afro-American- spiritual-gifted-female will not be taken seriously in law enforcement. My proof, please study Dionne Warwick & Psychic Friends Network and Ms. Cleo Psychics (both are African-Americans): They both failed! They are successful Caucasian psychics like Sylvia Browne, Allison Dubois and John Edwards. Even to this day, you don’t see any Black successful psychics, today! I rest my case.


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