World View #4

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Ms. Destine

March 8th, 2011

Pages 1-133

CITY OF THIEVES  by David Benioff

            This non-fiction led me down an intriguing-horrifying-painful yet witty road. I felt David was quite blessed to have his grandfather as a first source on Leningrad. When reading how a seventeen year old stood up for his belief; I comprehended his reason in staying and wanting his family to depart. World War I, World War II, Vietnamese War etc, etc had young men always leaving their home to fight for their country why should David’s grandfather be different?

            “You say another word and I’ll break you fucking arm”; (on page 26) was a sentence that I heard plenty of times in my life. This sentence was directed to Kolya’s character still I recognized its’ meaning. Art imitated life: Hill Street Blues, NYPD, CSI, Without a Trace, CSI Miami and CSI NY TV shows said the same line while interrogating criminals. Now, some criminals deserved those impending threats. While the innocent would rather take their beating; than to ever be force into guilt. I so got the standoff between Kolya and the solider.

            Like a see-saw going up and down; I could chew on the authorities’ vexation on murderers, rapists, pedophiles and terrorists. 911 for example, had an unbelievable up roar on Bid Ladden capture or death. The identical shrills of disobedience occurred for Nelson Mandela release. I sought after Dr. Martin Luther King jr.’s attitude on non violence; however, Malcolm X’s demeanor of “Whatever means necessary”, ran through my arteries and capillaries.

            In the mist of all the seriousness war and its’ affect eluding united we stand and divided we fall: I was surprised to read Kolya probing Lev about his virginity. I thought only females discussed conversations on sexual experiences. Personally, I loathed the word “virgin”. Males always had put too much significant on sexual in-experience females. I almost fell out my chair from laughter when Kolya inquired “When was the last time you had a shit?” (on page 53). I never saw men so connected to their bodies. Page 1-133 was a great read! It was also wonderful learning men are in touch with their feelings emotionally and mentally.


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