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CrimeCity Player Tip to be Better Gangster in FacebookCrimeCity

FacebookCrimeCity is a very exciting game with tones of game features.  In the game, you will be required to do lots of work that will gain you more experience to achieve a higher level, and also you will need to buy more income generating properties to acquire more cash for you buy more weapons and properties.  However, the most important key for this game is making more friends so you will be able to do a harder work and defending yourself from any attack from the enemies.

More Energy and More for Your Man

If you think this is just for a starter who does not has enough energy to do the work, you are probably making a mistake.  In fact, you will need to has lots and lots of energy later in the game to do a harder work and also it takes lots of energy to beat up your enemies or rob their properties.  Therefore, you will always need to focus to increase your maximum energy whenever you have point to upgrade.  I am not saying here your attack and defend skill is not important, but energy will be your first priority whenever you are upgrading yourself.

Buying More Income Producing Properties Fast

One of your money sources in the FacebookCrimeCity game from the income producing properties you brought.  Therefore, the faster you buy income properties, the more money you will be able to generate for more and better weapons for you and your crews.  However, you should always need to think before you buy the properties, because your money would be taken by your enemies or the game system if you do not collect the money a few hours after the money production time is up.  Therefore, you need to plan on buying the properties that you will have time to collect the money.

Keep Money in the Bank Save and Warm

Even you are at the very beginning of the game, you should build a bank no matter what, that will keep your money safe from any attack of your enemies.

Hire More Friend to be Your Crew is the Key to Success

You should always invite your friend to play FacebookCrimeCity or get to know more people in the CrimeCity forum in the facebook because you will need them to provide you the resources for buildings and also boost up your attack and defend power to the enemies.

Last Thing to Say Balance Your Life

Even CrimeCity is always the best game to play, you should balance your life by planning how to use your time wisely, do not get addicted to the game and forget anything else important of your life.

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