Can Sonny With a Chance Survive Without Sonny?

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Tiffany Thornton, who plays Tawni on Sonny With a Chance, is likely to be taking center stage as the female lead in Sonny With a Chance, now that Sonny (Demi Lovato) has decided to depart from the Disney show. The question is – can she and the rest of the cast carry the show without Disney darling Demi Lovato?

Obviously, Sonny With a Chance will have to change, since Sonny will no longer be around. The first change will be a major one – the show itself will become its show-featured-in-a-show: So Random! I guess that means we’ll say goodbye to Chad Dylan Cooper and the Mackenzie Falls group, and we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of sketches like Gassie.

I was originally going to say we’d see sketches like The Check It Out Girls and Gassie, but without Sonny, I guess we won’t – unless Allisyn Ashley Arm steps it up to take Tiffany’s place as the second female lead.

So, the question is this: can Sonny With a Chance, now known as So Random!, survive without it’s title character…and the original premise of the show? My guess is that it’ll make it through another season, but that will be the end of it. Sketch comedy worked on Nickelodeon show All That, but Disney seems to be more focused on childrens’ sitcoms. And, while So Random! had its place within Sonny With a Chance, it really wasn’t funny enough to stand on its own. Maybe kids will stay tuned in to the silly antics, but their parents are probably going to walk out of the room.

Do I think that Disney made a good choice by switching from Sonny to So Random! on its own? Yes. Clearly, Sonny With a Chance couldn’t continue without Sonny, so this is an obvious next step to keep fans and keep the show going. However, I would have probably considered a different option for the fledgling show. Being that the show premiered in 2010, Disney could have made a way to write Sonny out and bring someone else in, changing the name of the show to fit the new character. For example, Sonny could have decided to go back to a normal life in Wisconsin, so the So Random! cast members could host open auditions for a new female star for the show. This could be funny because Tawni could be snotty to the girls, and Grady could develop crushes on them. Then, the new participant would take on the title to the show, like Sandy With a Chance, or if you want to get sillier, Chance With a Chance.

Or, the show could focus on Tawni and her quest to become a star on So Random! and beyond. A new female character could be brought in to take Tawni’s supporting role, and the show could be called “Tawni With a Chance.”

This is just my opinion though, and I’m just a television fanatic, not a writer with years of experience with what audiences want. So who knows? Maybe So Random! will be so awesome! (Bad pun – sorry.)

As the show continues on (with a June premiere), we can at least be assured that Demi left on good terms – which is probably more than we can say for Disney counterpart Miley Cyrus and her exit from the now cancelled Hannah Montana. Demi left for good reasons – she’s fighting against an eating disorder and problems with self mutilation – and being in front a camera would not be the healthiest thing for the young star. The 18 year old also revealed that she’s bipolar, so as she learns to cope with this medical issue, being on the set of a television show probably isn’t the best option.


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