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I’m with you (Avril Lavigne cover by Chloe Boleti – Greece)
Hey Chloe, you’ve just made one of the best Youtube videos I ever watched here. Avril Lavigne is always a good choice to cover. People listen this song in Greece, Brazil, United States and everywhere, mainly when you turn on the radio to enjoy the cold nights. Well, nothing more to say, if you’re in my list of favorites. Congratulations and keep the great job, making the world better with your talent.

Please say hello to Greece for me and greetings from Brazil.

Sex on the beach sa iyo come on there’s a party tonight (by Tey – Philippines)

Dear Tey, today I watched some of your videos and noticed you’ve done great job, getting better on each video you release. Two in especial caught my attention: “Sex on the Beach Sa Iyo come on there’s a party tonight”, with most part sung in philipine and that has amazing pop reggae arrangements; the other is “I don’t wanna say goodbye”, with a deep passion on its lyrics. Both songs are treated with appropriate videos, where you appear beautifully and apply your talent with perfection.

You’ve got it (Roy Orbison cover by Dr. K – USA)

When I was teen I heard this song every weekend. It was played by the cinema owner before he starts the movie. I lived in an interior city and boys and girls happily met on the central square to discuss the meaning of love. Great times those!…

We could never forget that three octaves voice. Now I know his name’s Roy Orbison, an American singer of all times. His music continues touching our hearts, because now – with the Internet – the true culture can be rescued and make life better.

I Believe (Nikki Yanofsky cover by Danielle Lowe – Canada)

Children are the best we’ve on Earth. They represent our future, our continuation as human beings. We must support them anywhere they need our help, mainly in poor countries from Africa and also from Haiti. I don’t understand anybody that doesn’t love children, that doesn’t respect their innocence and doesn’t recognize them as real angels. I loathe who makes them suffer, cry or anyway keeps them apart from their family.

Congratulations Danielle for the beautiful job, I believe in you.

Insane in F# (Inessa Lee – USA)

Dear Inessa, this is really a hot story of love. I think I am this kind of man… All I may do to satisfy a woman, exactly as you say in the lyrics of this song -, but if I can dream with her, that’s enough. Who wouldn’t wish to hold in his arms a so talented dancer and feel her music beats in his heart? Congratulations for this new video. It’s simply outstanding.

Greetings from Brazil,



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