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There are a number of social networking sites, and people join them for one reason or another. I joined FACEBOOK because I am an avid follower of Gareth Gates and Lewis Hamilton, and I can see at a glance, all their latest news and updates, and also chat with other fans.

Then a while ago, along came TWITTER. I also belong to writing sites, and TRIOND always post the links to my new articles as soon as they are published, on TWITTER, for my followers to read , and this has worked well for me, as it has gained me more followers, and in return, I also follow other writers too. We all have busy lives, and TWITTER allows you to update your friends in a few words, and is fine for people who don’t have time to write proper blogs, it’s just like a brief text message to your phone. It is called tweeting, just like a bird does.

But this is the Bad Part

That is the good part of it, but the bad part of it is that I really don’t understand how to post myself, and how to read posts that have been sent to other people on there, and I rely on my good friends to fill me in. I know that if you type the name of the person in the box that you want to TWEET to, it should work, but then when you go onto their profile, sometimes it shows another name in there as well, so does that mean it will go to both of them? Also how can I be sure, if I can’t see it, if my message actually got to them. I can only know if they answer me.

I don’t spend much time on TWITTER, and I rarely send messages to my friends, but I do like to read the tweets from Gareth Gates. I am just one amongst many fans he has on TWITTER, and I am guilty of not tweeting to him very often, but then I am more interested in what he is doing, he is the star. I just hope one day it will click with me, until then thanks to my friends who are helping me, you know who you are.


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