Ian Mcewan "solar" Book Review

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Do you want to take a break in your stressful life? Spend some time looking at others life and finally realize yours is not as bad as you thought? Well, here’s the book you need : SOLAR by Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan is one of the most famous UK writer of our time. With this new novel, he dives us in an epic comedy with an eco-friendly background. His previous books, such as Amsterdam (1998) and On Chesil Beach (2007), amongst others have received several awards.


But what is SOLAR? 

Solar is the story of a middle aged researcher in physics, Michael Beard, who tries to live as much as he can. After four  disastrous weddings, his fifth one is starting to fall apart. However, despite a rather unappealing appearance, he is more than confident about himself : after all he received the Nobel Prize in Physics not that long ago! 

But we can’t say that he is snowed under with work! He finally decides to work on a global warming program without really believing in it. Indeed, he has to work with one of his wife’s lovers. But life cannot be so hard after all. That’s when his rival’s found dead that he sets up an evil plan to overcome all his problems.

He is going to start a new life with another woman, and even be a sixty year old father, as well as being the leader in the solar energy systems. But with one lover dead, one in prison and a system that has been stolen, Michael Beard is not safe. His old demons could come back and make him pay for what he did!

What I thought of this book is that at first it was hard to actually dive into the story. The first hundred pages explained the life of this uncanny character but nothing was happening, except for the habits of the main characters . However in the second part, the action started, and the book became completely addictive! Michael Beard sees his wife’s lover  die by accident and panics. The story takes a turn and it starts to become more like an adventure book.

The third part is telling the story of a young Michael Beard studying at Oxford and how he met his first wife. We actually start understanding a lot more the psychology of the main character, and also the complexity of being a scientist nowadays : it is actually not only sciences! And the end is absolutely fantastic, because the story does not actually ends, it’s up to the reader!

Michael Beard is the figure of the perfect antihero, and despite all his defaults, we just have to love him. McEwan’s funniest novel yet, a good time that’s worth to waste!

McEwan is a really talented writer, and this book shows how he can, by telling a rather hilarious story, make us think about an eco-friendly world, and also helps us understand the complex process of scientific discovery.

A must-read book!


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