Where Are You Heading Eu?

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The European Commission in their booklet of spring 2002, under the title “It’s better Life”, on page 19, wrote: “At their summit in Lisbon in March 2000, European leaders pledged to make the EU by 2010, ‘the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, capable of sustaining economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion.’”.

And what do we have now after over 10 years? The EU’s economy is far from competitive. The economic crisis has been increasing dramatically and sucking in still more and more member states. Greece, Portugal, Ireland are on the verge of economic collapse and the next states like Spain, Hungary and Poland follow suit. Directives issued by EC often become a laughing-stock and the bureaucracy is permanently and systematically growing.  Besides, all what they are doing promotes very adverse phenomena in member states.  Discontent from what they are doing among plain people has been growing systematically. All that is an obvious proof that EU is governed by indolent, incompetent and, first of all, unreliable people. Isn’t it a reason to think about changing rules of selection for the most important positions in both European Parliament and European Commission for a start? Every reasonable man will certainly admit it does. I would like to know whether they are going to do something about that. To obtain answer to my questions and misgivings I wrote to them taking advantage of their website. Their response astonished me a little. Trying to justify their lack of achievements they underlined their big ‘success’ which in their opinion was that over the last 60 years they allegedly provided peace, prosperity and stability for EU’s citizens.  I think they appropriate themselves what is not theirs. There is no proof that period of peace is the result of the EU creation. And as for prosperity and stability the merit for this belongs to those governments of states and their citizens who managed to elaborate it because not all members of EU and not all citizens can enjoy that prosperity. Also, other states of the world have at least equal part in that achievement. But what really scared me was when they informed me that the European Commission has launched the Europe Strategy 2020 to go out of the crisis and prepare the EU economy for the next decade. They had not succeeded in achieving what they planned in 2000 when overall world conditions were much more propitious so what is the ground for maintaining they would succeed in 2020? Of course, it is much doubtful. However, the plan is very cunning. With this plan they reserve for themselves a period of 10 years laziness either by simulating action or simply for doing nothing and pretending they do. During that period their bureaucracy will be able to grow undisturbed and will have an excuse for it.  I do not believe they will achieve anything unless they radically change their mode of operation. But instead, they seem to go along the beaten track.


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