Smote on The Door – There is Misery Again

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I don’t comprehend why every time my life appears to be in good shape……there is always ‘woe’ knocking on my door….forcing me to once again sadden my soul….compelling me towards grief once again. This isn’t something unusual coz it happens to everybody and that is a part of life. But every time this thing happens and I stand at the ingression with the door wide open I’m always surprised to see that ‘Woe’ has brought his companions along with it. They rush in with joy…..which is a factor I long for in those dubious moments where I stand dazed checking myself out……….. Brooding over the plight I’m put in…..How was I few moments ere? How I am forced to metamorphose in a blink? How fickle life is???

There is hardly anything I can do in such a situation except to pretend -“I’m as normal as I was the day before”. This grief then shatters my soul …….They party out at my place and I’m annihilated……I find myself perished eventually …….!!!!

 Why does that happen to me??? Does that happen to everyone?? Do they feel the same way when grief comes in unannounced?? I ponder over this fact and all I can gain is exactly ‘nothing’……I come up with exactly no solution…..I’m still impelled towards the door… could be anybody after all……!!!!!

Misery, woe and grief they are the man’s most feared enemies. People flee at the sight of them. Can they be overpowered? Can they be succumbed? Yes they can. All we need to do is keep smiling while grief tries to smother us. We need to fight them all by being happy and elated all the time. We should learn how to have fun. We should learn how to smile and how to laugh out loud. We should listen to good humour. Good humour should be entertained whenever jingled. One should laugh one’s ass out at jokes that make one laugh. People should preserve good moments, funny gags and store videos of the past and watch them regularly that would naturally bring smile to their faces.

Elation is the key to success. Being ecstatic fights them all.


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