Hardwood Floors San Diego: Pros & Cons of Bamboo Flooring

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Hardwood Floors San Diego: All your questions about bamboo flooring, answered!

Bamboo flooring has been one of the oldest types of flooring used in Asia and some parts of Central America, but is just a newcomer to the markets of the United States and the West in general. Bamboos seem to be an unusual material for the use of flooring but it proved to be a good option for many who have tried it. Because bamboos are organic in nature, there are many advantages as well as some disadvantages of this type of flooring that should be taken into account before purchasing it.

Before you decide on purchasing this type of hardwood floors San Diego, let’s first discuss its advantages and disadvantages:


Moisture Resistant. Because bamboo is a grass, not wood, it is naturally resistant to moisture. This feature of bamboo flooring is the reason why it is recommended for kitchen and bathroom use.

Durable and Hard. Bamboo flooring is fascinatingly very durable and is supple, which can withstand dropped heavy materials without denting. It is also said that bamboos that have been processed are harder than the common hardwood floors San Diego such as oak and maple.

Has a Good Feel to the Feet and legs. You might have experienced having sore feet and legs after standing for a long time on a hardwood. This may not be the case when we talk about bamboo flooring because it has a very good feel to the feet due to its resiliency.

Easy to Clean. This type of flooring is easily maintained. All it needs is daily sweeping to remove dust and once a week mopping.
Environment Friendly. Bamboos easily mature and they grow in abundance even with less maintenance. It is said that bamboo flooring is environmental friendly since it reaches its maturity only in 5 years, unlike the common hardwoods which will take at least 30 years before it could be readily made into good flooring. With these facts, the lost bamboos could easily be replaced without compromising the balance of nature.

Has an Appealing Look. Bamboo floorings give off a natural and smooth finish. It also comes in a variety of color where people may choose from depending on their tastes and preferences.

Costs less than hardwood floors San Diego. When you decide on installing bamboo flooring, you will definitely spend less compared to installing conventional hardwood. Aside from the fact that the flooring itself cost less, the installation is also easier which is a factor for lesser service pay for the professional installers.

Fire Resistant. This feature of bamboo flooring is an advantage, which will always help in the safety of homes in general.


Noisy. Because the bamboo is hard on the surface, it does not absorb sound but reflects it.

Color fades. When exposed to direct sunlight, the bamboo flooring’s color fades. That’s why it is important to keep in mind to protect it from the direct rays of the sun.

May contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde may be used as an adhesive for bamboo floorings. However, you may tell the professional installers not to use formaldehyde if you don’t prefer it.

Poor quality bamboo floorings are brittle. Poorly processed bamboo floorings are brittle and are easily damaged. That’s why you should make sure that the items you purchase are of good quality. Remember, it’s better to be sure than sorry.

When you have decided to purchase and install bamboo flooring for your hardwood floors San Diego, make sure to get the materials from a trusted and reliable source.

Check the quality and durability of the bamboo flooring, as well as the method of installation. You may also talk to your consultants regarding the installation of this type of flooring to make sure that bamboo flooring will be good for your home.

Contact West Coast Flooring if you have any questions regarding the use of bamboo for your individual home, or about hardwood floors San Diego in general.


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