Principles of The Kingdom

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Therefore the principles of the kingdom must apply and prepare our hearts for expansion with understanding.

When the plumb line of God is applied to our lives do we meet the measuring standards, is there sanctification in the heart, sanctification eradicates the Atomic nature, the born again Christian is not govern by emotions that are harmful to others, they will not seek to destroy the joy of another person.

 Sanctification gives us the ability to live holy, Jesus said I sanctify myself that you also may be sanctify, it is the application of the blood to our heart, the  laws and  the principles of the kingdom of God  are to be applied day of our life.

The doctrine of the church is the principles that we used to teach new converts about the plan of salvation, and we learn that Christianity becomes a fundamental part of belief; the principles also define the purpose of the church.

With the plumb line you can clearly see wrinkles and wobbles, edges not square, things sticking out, some church members have some very bad habits that clearly sticks out, and because they are looking inside the box and not looking out they are unable to perceive that what they are doing is wrong, therefore the principles of the kingdom must apply and prepare our hearts for expansion with understanding.

For instances, giving to God of your substances and resources,  requires giving truthfully after proper analysis of your finances, giving in faith requires a sacrifice in sewing the seed, when you look at church membership.

 This area clearly needs to be address, because there are those who give generously and faithfully according to the article of association that we have agreed to, more commonly known as the discipline, and there are those who gives a token gesture, but very much wants to reap the benefits of those wholeheartedly support the organization.

The bible says give and it shall be given you, that is a universal law in the bible, even large business have embrace this position, and they give a large portion of their prophets to support the less able, in the book of Ruth, Boas told his work men do not gleam all the produce of the farm, but leave some for the poor.

As Jesus measure you’re giving what does he find? And what are the consequences of withholding, first we are admonished to prove God, by stepping up to the plate with substance of good value, bring ye all the tithes into my store house and prove me now herewith, and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing.

Then if we fail in adhering to the principle of giving the result is that God is disappointed with our survives, and allows the squander to devour our   substances, those who gives the least to the organization that they are covenanted to usually are the ones who causes the most disturbances, because they are trying to cover up their own inadequacies and insecurity, rev Mullins said they are heavenly minded, but no earthly good.

In the coming weeks as we evaluate  our ministry and look further into appointments of officers, there are some areas of concern that members need to tighten up on, membership commitment,, elementary principles, which are the foundation of faith, repentance, justification, regeneration, sanctification, living holy, void of offence towards God and your fellow person.

Respect authority in the discipline in matters of church government, know your place, know your position in the body, if you have not been entrusted by the presbytery to hold a charge, examine yourself, if you believe you have been marginalize,

 We will look at the areas that are giving because for concern, taking the oversight not by constraint, I will not be bought by your opinion I choose no sides, I am the shepherd of the Lord, the church is here to serve the community, not to gravel to twinges. Balsam was presumptuous, he despises government and spoke evil of dignitaries, and he paid the price for that.


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