Planning to Buy Binoculars

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I am sure most of us know that binoculars are devices which make far off objects look larger and bigger. Sometimes they are also called binocular telescopes as they are designed with two monocular together to offer faultless both eye viewing. It feels amazing to see the objects, which are invisible otherwise to come so near and get enlarged with the binoculars. 

Things you must consider before buying binoculars: 

To select the right binoculars it is a good idea to try them before buying. You may find the enlarged image with the binoculars amazing but the binoculars work on a very simple principal. There are lenses at the tip of the barrel known as objective lens which absorbs the light of distant object and focuses that on the lens which is closest to your eyes. As there are 2 small telescopes fitted next to each other the binoculars have a good depth of field as compared to monocular lenses. 

You will come across two particular numbers “6 x30” or numbers similar to this when you want to buy a pair of binoculars, which may confuse you. The initial number refers to the power of magnification in the binoculars which suggests that if that number is 6, the picture which you will be able to see with the binocular will be 6 times its regular size. The second digit is about size of the binocular objective lens. The bigger the diameter of the objective lens, you can expect the absorption of more light from the far-away objects and better image. 

Even if the binocular is very powerful it is important to know how to handle them. If you hold the binoculars in your hand it can get less effective due to shaking so you can use a stand. If you want to use the binoculars for dynamic activities it is a good idea to get binoculars with 4-7 times magnification. In case you have to use the binoculars in less light or indoors, get a bigger objective lens which has over 30 power. 

Check the weight of the binoculars prior to buying them as you will be uncomfortable with heavy binocular while trekking, fishing, boating, or astronomical use. If you are traveling with the binoculars you can place plastic lens in them get top quality and sharp image. Glass lenses are cheaper but also very fragile. So you should use plastic lens binoculars for better results. 

Enjoy distant objects with a good pair of binoculars.


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