Know The Basics of a Router

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The router is a computer device helping you in surfing purposes by recieving and sending data packages or exchanging them with the internet. This is called and known as routing. Router is the essential part of hardware that helps you exchange data with the World Wide Web. Routing today is crucial and it is a must have part of every restaurant, bar, club or city wireless free zones. So get a router if you don’t have one yet!

Just try to imagine that Internet is the Earth and your computer is a household. All computers connected on the Internet are households in every part of world. Now imagine one household send a letter to another one that is located on the other side of the Earth. The household must have an address so that the letter can arrive. Address is determing the destination of the letter. There must be a medium who is the courier. And the router is the courier of the computer data.

A router (broadband router) also enables computers to recieve data on the same IP address.

Every computer must have a unique IP address to be a part of the Internet. It is like a fingerprint or ID. Router allows two or more computers to use the Internet at the same time with one access pass.

On the other hand when a cable modem is a part of the computer, the computer does the process of routing normally. The computer with cable modem has direct contact with the Internet and can share Internet connectivity with other computers that are connected to it. That is something like a central computer router unit.

A Router enables as many computers that your household has to connect to the internet simultaneously. You pay only one bill, no matter how many computers use the internet connection through your router.

When two or more computers use one connection, the connection speed is affected. Usually the speed is divided on number of computers. So, if you have 4 computers and an internet speed of 16 MB per second, you will be able to achieve the speed of 4 MB per second on each. “/Compu ter Games”>Computer games completely take over your connection and slow down the speed highly so be advised here.

Big companies and offices usually use more powerful routers because they have large numbers of computers using the connection. Better data packaging results in better Internet speed.


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