Bow Tie Is Different From The Regular Neck Tie

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Not happy with neck tie tying each time with in the same old pattern? Simply change your routine with the help of a bow tie. A bow tie is an accessory worn with suits. It is only a ribbon fabric which can be tied around the collar in a symmetrical manner.

Some bow ties are ready- tied and they will always look the same as far as neck tie tying is concerned. They are usually made from silk, polyester or mixed fabrics. Don’t be worried because you can tie it yourself. Follow the below mentioned tips for professional neck tie tying:

·         Start with the left end. It should be 4 cm longer than the right end of the tie. Next, slip the shorter end under the longer one. Choose how much loose your tie will be before starting the process of neck tie tying.

·         Take the collar button as the referral point of your neck tie tying process and cross the long end over the shorter one.

·         Keep holding the tie at the button and that keeps it as loose as you’d like it to be, then slip the long end under the shorter one.

·         Zig-zag the end on your chest in continued action of neck tie tying.

·         After you are finished with the zig–zag, fold the long flap over the tie front.

·          Pinch the tie front in half and then swing the long flap to the right.

·          Push the pinched corner through the hole. This here is the turning point in every neck tie tying.

·         Keep your finger into the left bow and even it out so that it is nicely arranged.

·         While you grip all the layers, pull the left bow through the hole.

·         First thing to do next is starting the flattening of the left half of the front. This is what makes your tie go straight down.

·         Insert the shirt between your tie’s little strip and the bow tie.

·         The entire process of neck tie tying is completed and yes, you have managed it all by yourself! Now when you want to untie your bow tie, simply pull the single ends. That does the trick.

Good luck with your new found expertise in neck tie tying!


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