My Wall Mounted Lcd TV

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It has been quite overwhelming to decide on the right LCD TV and you have brought it home. Now you have to worry about how to fix this wall mounted LCD TV. The easiest way is to ask help from a professional, but that can be an expensive option and you will have to spend money. As you have already spent a lot on your LCD TV, it can be a good plan to fix it yourself. Don’t worry it is not that tough and you can do it. 

To begin with – When you are sure where you want to mount the LCD TV, you will have to get a stud finder. The manner in which you fix a wall mounted LCD TV will not really matter if you have put it in the right place. Make use of the stud finder to ensure the wall mount is placed inside the stud as this is best way to make sure that the safely fixed on the wall. 

Make more anchors- When you have been able to mark the mounting location with the stud finder you can place the wall mount. It is good to screw the wall mount onto wall at a number of points. When there are more anchor places there will be less weight on every one spot for mounting.  When the wall mount is anchored on the wall studs, you have completed more than half the job of fixing a wall mounted LCD TV. 

Hide the cables- When you have placed the studs, anchored the wall mount and LCD TV is attached on the mount, you can hook p the TV and plug it in. Try to find some way to conceal the lines and the cables. You can do this by drilling into the wall and placing them along it, or by getting some other way to make sure that they are not seen. There are sheathes and conduits available in the home improvement store which can be useful. 

Get help- Even if you are very competent in installing a wall mounted LCD TV; it is good to have some help around you. They can help you to hold the TV up as it is being or offer suggestions and ideas. The process becomes safer with another person to help. 

It is a rally long process to get you new LCD television home and the last step in this procedure is to learn to install it on the wall. Now, you can sit back and relax with your new LCD television.


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