The Dell Corporation

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The Dell computer is very common gadget in a number of businesses all round the globe. In fact Dell has been amongst the most successful makers of computers from the time it was being assembled in the dorm of the university to the present times when it is produced on a mass scale.              

I am employed in the post of a computer technician in a large company which supports about five thousand end-users. There are times when my daily job becomes exceptionally overwhelming, particularly when one of the servers stop working or the network is down.    

There is one aspect which we really don’t have to get concerned about and that is hardware issues. Maximum numbers of PCs in our enterprise are made by Dell, and the latest ones are the Optiplex GX620. On every occasion that we face hardware failure in any of the Dell computers we just have to log on to the Dell website and submit a form. You can’t believe it but the part arrives the very next day. The best part is that we are able to get all our warranty replacements eve without talking on the phone to the customer service representative. 

When one works in a corporate atmosphere it is important to maintain almost 100% uprightness and this requires good service like the one offered by Dell. All us technicians can concentrate on our present job much better if we have to spend less time on getting concerned about tracking that item of hardware which is in transit. Probably I may be a little biased, but it is the wonderful service that we are offered by the Dell Corporation. It is a fact that for a technician there is nothing more important than to get hardware replacements readily without having to worry about it. 

I am convinced about Dell as we also dealt with IBM for some time a few months back. I am not able to say that I am as eager about the service offered by IBM Lenovo. IBM requires sending a technician each time there is a requirement to replace any part in the IBM computer. This can get very frustrating, as without doubt most of us working here are certified technicians like the ones that send or we may even be more qualified. 

Irrespective with whom your company deals with, it is important to ensure good support service before you engage new vendor. With better support service the job of the technician becomes much smoother.


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