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Taylor Made golf clubs are the leading combination of driver, iron as well as fairway wood in PGA tournaments. Every golfer can have his own customized club with the advanced metal wood technology used by Taylor Made golf clubs. This metal wood combined technology have come up with the well known  Pittsburgh Persimmon, Burner Bubble and Tour Preferred, Burner clubs which are considered to be high performance devices. Taylor Made golf clubs have titanium heads which makes them strong but very light to use. 

Mentioned below are some Taylor Made golf clubs in metal wood which can be an asset in a golfer’s bag: 

R7 Fairway Woods from Taylor Made golf club comes with TLC OR Taylor Made Launch Control Port. You can install or remove TLC cartridges according to permits in different locations to change the degrees which help in improving accuracy. 

R5 Titanium Fairway is also a very good device from Taylor Made golf club which comes with a titanium club head making it very effortless to hit. This has permanent TLC cartridges which help in launching the ball far, high and straight. It is best for golfers who don’t like changing cartridges. 

V Steel Fairway Woods is supposed to have an ultimate blend of accuracy, versatility and power. This Taylor Made golf club attributes this expertise to the V-shaped sole which enhances the force with which the sole reacts when there is impact. 

Rescue Dual TP comes with a dual TLC port as well as a Taylor Made movable weight technology and is able to promote the change in the degree of fade and draw. There is a difference between Rescue Dual TP and Rescue Dual is that TP comes with a higher CG position which allows lower and sharp ball flight which is easier for many golfers. 

Taylor Made golf club has come up with a pioneering utility club in the Rescue Mid which is designed for easy use compared to the long-iron in hitting long distance. It combines high  inertia with a low deep center of gravity to offer a great performance. 

Rescue Fairway from Taylor Made golf club is a more of a low profile club with a low and deep CG or center of gravity. It has been designed to hit the ball long, straight and high. It has been crafted with a double base which enhances playability. It has been engineered by  Taylor Made golf club hit at a high angle with more spin on long-carrying shots.


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