Make Hand Dipped Candles

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Candle making is an interesting hobby which you can also convert into a business endeavor. It is quite a simple process when you start doing it. If you are a little familiar with candle making you can think of trying out the art of creating hand dipped candles. It is true that hand dipped candles are more time taking but they are spectacular. It is possible to use different colors on every candle you make, creating a unique piece. 

You will require some basic tools to create hand dipped candles. In case you have already made candles you may be using them already. Large quantity of paraffin wax, wick, and a double boiler for melting is required. You will also need some more utensils such as bowls, wooden spoons, and a thermometer. Get whichever colors you like and they are available in the shape of liquid, powder, cakes and chips. Use scents for hand dipped candles which are prepared in pure oil base. 

Wax for hand dipped candle is prepared in the same way as for regular candles. It should be heated till 160 degrees Fahrenheit and when it is done lower the heat just enough to maintain the liquid form of the wax. Include the color by putting small amounts slowly till you get the required color. If you like add some perfume to this mix but use them in small quantity as it may become too powerful. If you use a lot of perfume the candle may not burn properly. 

Place the wick of the candle and cut it so that it is just slightly longer than the length of the candle you are making. In case you are making candle sets make sure that all the wicks have been cut at the same length. The wicks should be dipped properly into the wax so that they are well coated. This is the way to “build” the candle. When the wicks cool down, they need to be dipped again. Every time you do that it will add to the size of the candle. 

It can be a little tricky to learn to make hand dipped candles and if you want to experiment without wasting a lot of supplies, melt the wax of the candle you are making and reuse it till you are satisfied with the candle making process. 

If you want to make hand dipped candles in specific designs you can consider buying books or you can even check them out online as you can get numerous ideas and colors of hand dipped candles. 


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