Free Weights or Machine Exercise

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You must always remember that when you exercise, you train for your health and fitness. You train for an hour or so in the gym and you have 23 more hours when your muscles are exercised without the use of fancy equipments. 

In any type of exercise the movement of the body while exercising is termed as the ‘range of motion’. It is understood that the tougher the range of motion, more useful is the exercise, as the body has to work much harder to do the movements. 

Let us see the standard dumbbell bicep curl. If you have done this exercise you will know that it is done by standing straight with the palms facing in front and pair of dumbbells is held at the sides. You have to contract the biceps to take the dumbbells up to the height of the shoulder and then replicate the exercise a number of times. 

When you are doing similar exercise movements on a bicep curl machine you need to down, keep your upper arms on the machine, hold both the handles in front of you and do the same motion as mentioned above to shift the handles upwards. 

In most cases when you work on machine weights, you are limited as to the kind of exercises you can do. You always need to follow an exact method, and this is also true with free weights.  Machine weights provide some amount of resistance which is not true with free weights.

The good thing about free weights is that you move around to choose the weight you will like to use.  However, you don’t have to bring the weights to the exercise area, but you just choose the machine when you are using machine weights. This is a very convenient option especially when you are tired working out. 

Many people feel that free weights are very good for your body which is true generally but there are others who believe that machine weights are much better. In facts there are negatives and positives of both the systems. Free weights have been a part of exercise routine for a longer time and they have proven over and over that they can help you achieve remarkable results. 

The final decision has to be yours based on what you want to achieve by lifting weights and where you will use the gear. Both ways are excellent for the body, even if free weights are better if you are looking for the best workout.


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