Myth Behind Birth Control Pills And Weight Gain

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I don’t think we can even stop the discussion regarding weight gain and birth control pills is like a grand conflict between ordinary milk and non-fat milk, it will just go on and on. If we see this scientifically, there have been no findings in the experiments or studies which prove a direct connection between birth control pills and weight gain. Even then why so many people still believe that there is a relationship is difficult to understand.

There can be some reasons which have given opportunity for this urban legend to proliferate the society. There are synthetic hormones in birth control pills which go to the pituitary glands and here they stop the production of FSH and LH hormones. Thus natural growth of egg and ovulation prevented in the body. 

Now let us see the next point. There are some medical practitioners who still give statements that weight gain can be a possible side effect of taking pills which has added to the uncertainty. Many times such statements from physicians can be just statements of facts but rather tan clarifying this untrue information they contribute to the spread of this fable. 

You may have heard that one of the reasons for feeling fat or bloated is that the body has a tendency to retain more water when you take birth control pills as compared to other times. This is also not correct information but just gossips, and more misinformation. 

We all know that women are extremely conscious about their weight and if anyone makes a wrong move and comments on her weight will get into trouble. This suspicion of gaining weight consciously or even subconsciously can also be a reason for admitting or observing that birth control pills can be the cause of weight gain.  

There are many women who go for other contraceptive methods because of the weight gain concern with pills. It is true that some other ways are also effective but the pill is a much better choice as it has 99.7% probability of averting pregnancy. There is no need for women to worry about something which is not proven as you will seriously start worrying about weight gain during pregnancy and after child birth. They will include more weight concerns as compared to birth control pills. 

Managing you weight is a lot about balance. If you have a balanced diet with regular exercise you will not have to worry about weight issues. You will be able to avert vital weight gain by this lifestyle. 

In case you gain weight while having birth control pill, don’t blame it on this little fellow. Remember birth control pills and weight gain is not connected.


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