AP US Government, The Sat, And a Bunch of Other Stuff

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Concentration camps. Third Reich. Axis. Allies. Hitler. Mussolini. FDR. Winston Churchill.

Imagine your now-grandfather hearing these words and names in every-day conversation as a senior in high school in early 1941. Would he even know who Hitler was? Does anyone in his family follow the news? Or is the family still playing catch-up from the Great Depression? The answer is…of course he knows who Hitler is and what he is doing! The family would huddle around the radio each evening keeping up with world events. Japan hasn’t yet bombed Pearl Harbor, but when they do it will prompt your now-grandfather to join the army.

Fast forward a few years. The war is over. Your grandfather comes home after serving in the army and marries your now-grandmother. Now that the war is over there is no longer a need for your grandmother to work as a riveter and she can be Mom. Your dad is born. Twenty-five years later you’re born.

AP US GovernmentNow, you’re a senior in high school. You’ve grown up hearing stories from your grandpa and dad about World War II. You have a ‘thing’ about that part of US history, you own books about the war, and you have even purchased memorabilia from eBay. Your heroes are FDR and Winston Churchill. You are fascinated with the role the US government played in that part of history. The natural next step in your course of study is to take AP US Government.

Through this course you will study every facet of government and you can’t wait. Constitutional underpinnings of United States Government? Where have you been all my life?? Civil rights and civil liberties? Every day please! Political parties, interest groups, and mass media. Can’t get enough! Sovereignty, authority, and power. Yes sir.

Not only is it interesting, but AP US Government will also help you be successful in college. Your writings skills will improve, your problem-solving abilities will increase, and you will develop all-around good discipline and study habits.

SAT PrepAs you’re gearing up for a successful year in AP US Government, you’re planning ahead for the SAT. A writing section was added in 2005 and you know that any topic is possible, but you will have mastered your US Government so well that you’re sure you can relate it to any topic that’s out there. Value of work in human life? Cake walk. Whether technological change also carries negative consequences to those who benefit from it? Breeze.

So that’s it! AP US Government, the SAT, and a bunch of other things. Then it’s off to the rest of your life, whatever that may be…


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