Dog Training Aids Are Very Useful

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It would be so good if one could train dogs easily. You will have no chewed furniture, walls scratched or dog poop on your carpet. It is quite expensive to hire a dog trainer and even that is not a guarantee that the dog will get trained. 

There are many dog owners nowadays who train the pets themselves and dog training aids prove to be very useful for them. 

Let us start with the common tool, the dog leash or lead. They are made with different materials such as leather, chain, cotton web or nylon. It is suggested by experts to make use of leather leashes as they are easy to use as well as durable. Leather does not burn or cut the pets skin. They are lightweight and there is no noise like chains. You will find them in various patterns and designs Leather leash are sold in different lengths and it is commonly sold in 6 feet length. 

You have the collar with the leash, which can be loosened or tightened based on the movement of the dog. Coke or slip collars are made with leather and you can get them in different designs such as braided, rolled and field. The collar should fit the dog well. 

You also have the bags and pouches which are used as dog training aids. This is for motivating the dog for treats while training. The dog may improve after some training and you may not need the leash anymore. At this time some dog trainers make use of shark lines and leather pull tabs. These dog training aids are also used when the dog needs agility training. The dog will feel off-leash, but you will be able to manage him with a slight pull. 

Another dog training aid is the whistle and as the sound is sharp it is best to be used for training in large areas like farms, forest or noisy areas. This is mostly used when the dog is trained for hunting or collecting herd.  

Some of the other dog training aids include harnesses, halters, bells, clickers, ring gates and pads. Technology is improving and with that you have many new electronic dog training aids also. Some of them are invisible fences and electronic collars. They are a little complicated dog training aid but once you understand them they are very useful. 

When you train the dog yourself it offers its own rewards as you can see the change in your pet with the use of dog training aids. Your dog will sit, roll, stay be at your call. 


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