The Mighty Dark Chocolate Has Numerous Health Benefits

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EVER IMAGINED your world without chocolates. Chocolates are perhaps the most amazing and addictive thing to have. It is a taboo for those who follow strict diets but most of us cannot keep our hands off a bar. Chocolates are notorious to have a huge amount of carbohydrates, which are bad for our health. Well for those health conscious people, who get disheartened and cannot feel the nostalgia by keeping a chunk of chocolate in their mouth, there is a good news!

A scientific study revealed health benefits of chocolate, especially the dark chocolates. Chocolates can help you when you are feeling low. It helps the body release endorphins that lift the mood. Chocolate saves you from depression as it has some amount of anti-depressant elements such as neuro-transmitter and serotonin. There are several other chemicals such as phenylethylamine have simulating properties. The total number of chemicals contained in chocolate is estimated to be more than three hundred.

For those, who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems, chocolates can be a good option as these boost the respiratory system. To some extent it could be helpful in relieving joint inflammation. Chocolate is good for the heart as it helps control the cholesterol levels and subdues heartburn. It regularises bowel movement and helps maintain the regulation of the excretory system. It contains no caffeine that is harmful for the body.

The sugar-free chocolate can be enjoyed by diabetics without any problem. In fact chocolate helps fighting diabetes. Dark chocolate also has plenty of flavanols that improves cells’ sensitivity to insulin. This benefits diabetic people. It regulates bloodsugar levels as it has a low glycemic index equal to that of the oatmeal that is one of the popular breakfasts. Blood circulation also gets improved as the blood vessels become healthy. If you’re in love with dark-chocolate, it is good for your gums and teeth as well.

Dark raw chocolate contains no trans fats or gluten. Trans fats increases the risk of cholesterol and heart-attack.

Chocolate has high content of anti-oxidants and free radicals that are good for our skin and hair. People are realising the benefits of chocolates in the beauty and healthcare too and that is the reason why chocolate facials are gaining popularity. Relaxing massage at spas is being done with oils extracted from cocoa beans. It is a great stress-busting treatment for people following a busy lifestyle.

Chocolate has a bad reputation of being sweet and unhealthy. But we should realize that it is the sweet milk chocolate that should be blamed. If dark chocolate is made a part of our daily needs it is definitely going to help our body remain fit and working. So the next time when you ponder over having some chocolate, make sure you choose dark chocolate.

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