Looking For Diamonds

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Sometimes when you are working as a jewelry designer, you may need to pick up diamonds for a particular piece of jewelry. In fact purchasing diamonds is similar to buying every other precious gem. You have to get one in the correct shape as well as the size according to the design of the piece you are creating and then you buy it. This is not completely right…as there is much consideration and thought which has to go into buying a diamond. Diamonds are different and you have to create something which lasts forever. 

You must consider 4 C’s when you want to buy a diamond, which are cut, carat weight, clarity and color. You have to be sure of all these as you want to use the possibly most beautiful diamond in the jewelry you are making. Keep in mind that the diamond must not overshadow the piece, yet it remains the key attraction as well as compliments the jewelry. 

The cut in a diamond does not mean the shape of the diamond. It is the manner in which it has been cut or the cut quality. This determines the fluorescence and shine of the diamond. Shape of the diamond is just a factor or one can say an addition as far as the cut quality is concerned. 

When we say diamond clarity, it is not about how clear it is but to the perfection or flawlessness. Every diamond stone has imperfections, internally as well as externally and a diamond with no imperfections is absolutely flawless as well as expensive. 

Diamonds are available in several colors but the common most are yellow and white. You can get more colors but they are costly and rare. You must not get attracted by a ‘blue white’ diamond as they are substandard diamond, and not very useful. 

Diamond carat weight is significant for the buyer. All big diamonds must be certified and you can ask the dealer you are buying the diamond from to give you one.  Don’t buy the diamond if they not willing to give a certificate from reputable grading companies like GIA. 

We all know that diamonds are the most admired gemstone in the world and it has good reasons for it. They are the most spectacular as well as the most resilient stones on the planet.


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