Toilet Brush Caddies Are Good Bathroom Accessories

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It may not sound like an important bathroom accessory but toilet brush caddies play a significant role in the hygiene and look of your bathroom. When the toilet brush is left on the floor it will dirty the bathroom and this can also build up a residue leaving a bad smell. This makes the toilet brush caddies a useful bathroom accessory. 

How do I select toilet brush caddies?

You can get a good selection of toilet brush caddies from Musa, Home, Chateau, Outline, Freestanding and Wind. In case you want organic accompaniments, it is possible to get the crystal glass collection. Glass accessory is often made with wood and brass wedges. Musa also has toilet brush caddies which can be mounted on the wall. It is also available in chrome satin nickel polish. 

Can I get toilet brush caddies to match with my bathroom?

Musa toilet brush caddies are designed to match all modern bathrooms and many models are imported from foreign countries like Italy. It is a very basic item, but brings in sophistication to your contemporary bathroom. 

I would like to choose Chateau toilet brush caddies.

Even if you are not very fond of silver Chateau modern toilet brush caddies will attract you. They have been made with a brass and chrome finish and you also get different kinds of matching hooks with them in chrome, brass, combo or brush nickel. 

It is possible to match the brass and chrome caddies with mirrors, towel bars, robe hooks etc. These are shipped from Sweden, which is well known for crafting stylish bathroom accessories.

You can also buy a vanity glass shelf and a gold bath tissue holder with chrome or brass with toilet brush caddies. This collection will bring class to your bathroom offering it a high end look.  In case you are not fond of glass accessories you can get decorative mirrors which light up when mounted on the wall. 

Freestanding also have a good collection of toilet brush caddies. Gold caddies are attractive and they stand out. You can go for it if you like gold tones, but it is a very bright and striking gold. Try out the Oil Rub Bronze-Plate which is made in steel and will look good if you have an antique ambiance. 

There is a beautiful selection offered by Wind Collections and their toilet brush caddies are typically made in chrome with some gold. With all this you may also want other useful bathroom accessories like the shower corner baskets. 


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