Most Digital Baby Monitors Are Safe For Children

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In the contemporary age most things have become digital. It can be cell phones, PC or even regular appliances like microwaves…they all have turned to digital technology. This has led to increasing concern if such hi-tech gadgets are a health hazard, particularly devices like baby monitors which are typically kept near the child. 

Some parents feel that a digital monitor kept close to the baby may expose the child to a lot of electromagnetic radiation which can damage the nervous system of the baby as small children, are more susceptible to such hazards. Let us discuss doubts which a number of parents have regarding the safety of using digital baby monitors for small children? 

Are baby monitors different from other electro-smog gadgets? 

There is a chance that modern digital baby monitors use a large amount of electromagnetic and parents fear the safety of their baby. However the manufacturers of the digital baby monitors maintain that the radiation emitted by the baby monitors are of levels which are not a threat the health of children. 

Phillips who is a well known company and manufacturers baby monitors claims that the amount of electro-smog emitted by their device is about 10,000 times less than the international safety standards. It also includes an advice for parents to stay relaxed and they can also keep the baby monitor gadget at about a meter from the infant. 

With the evolution of digital technologies, there have been a number of benefits, but you also have some risks which come with it. It has been seen with time that digital baby monitors provide better service when compared to the previous analog version. Digital baby monitors have also demonstrated that they are better in offering privacy on the whole for the family. It is also true that some parents who are worried about the safety and health of their infant can find it a little frightening to switch to contemporary technology. 

Remember that if the distance of the digital monitor is increased from the baby then there is higher reduction to the level of radiation exposure. With time many manufacturers have enhanced their digital devices so that they pose less of a health hazard. 

It is for the parents to choose and they always have a choice of opting for the modern digital baby monitors mainly because it has several advantages. If you are still worried about the safety of the baby, keep in mind that you can take precautions which will help minimize health risks.


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