Wise Man Preach

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Wise man preach

A long night of winter. I was planning to do something.One thing Ido and I feel good about myself.Or should I read a book or a television to watch a film. But it may be late or walked the streets.Feeling happy that I do something different.Finally, I decided to read the book.I turned the pages of the book.Wise advice from a community.Of people gathered around a small track.Wise person asks a person to the community:

-Meat us advice.

Will be useful for us to facilitate our lives and give advice.Because we want to know.Our people better, in peace, love and respect, in a happy society is necessary for us topreach we need .She smiled and felt happy that the old wise man.The wise man of the people gathered in the shadow of a tree in the garden.After a short conversation the old wise man began to sing the lyrics of a short concise

And he said:

Conquer hearts .

Serve guests .

Please help in need.

Please also consult you knew .

Please note danger ..

Right hand it .

If you forget to save .

Protection lütfef meat,

Weird compassion,

Try to win .

Employee Appreciate .

Please congratulate the success .

Please accept excuses .

Put your trust in every moment .

Patient visit .

Make your child manners .

Make everyone smile .

Check also depend..

Wise paused a little island. People are listening carefully, the cat was glad to see this quite sensible.Island wise old people that really knew their effort to be a happy society.For this, he thought, should work too.People are a little more of the wise counsel told them.The wise man began to speak again:

Do not betray Custody.

Mood to complain.

Export orders from the elders.

Empty things to insist.

Ignorant people do not chat ..

Consume waste your breath.

People waiting.

Surrounds pollution.

Ruin your life.

Gratitude to anyone.

To face the people praise.

Becoming a party to evil.

Do not waste your goods supplies.

To open secret.

Do not worry about everything.

Do not deny your guilt.

Honor your losing.

Please do not leave the country and.

Your faith goodness .

Please respect the elders .

The difficulty and be patient.

Minimize your opinion .

Ye persevere meat.

You know your deeds with.

Accept the mistake.

Def does not make the.

While there are save.

Chat with scientists.

Please persist with his ego .

Invite your meal .

Please do not believe proof.

Observe the poor.

No supplies to make.


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