Loss of Weight

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1. Have confidence in yourself! Believe in yourself! Negative thinking will only make the journey to lose weight harder.

2. Set goals…You must set a target that has a time limit. The amount of weight you want to lose and the time you would like to lose it. If in the time your weight is lowering you will feel more eager to stay on track until you reach the weight you want to be.

3. Lower your calories intake and other foods without starving. Easy cuts include salad dressing, soda pops, candy, and butter. Pay attention to your intake of saturated fats and high sugar foods. You do not need to cut these out entirely, but if you lower your intakes, you will lose weight faster. There are low fat and sugar free food and drinks out there that will help.

4. Make a meal plan. Make sure your meal plan reduces your calorie intake. Planning your meals helps you to ensure a balanced diet and reduces the temptation of fast food.

5. Reducing portion size will help to lower your calorie intake. A great way to watch portion size is to buy one serving packages. Also, make sure you do not overeat! Eating small meals and snacks throughout the day helps weight loss compared to three large meals.

6. Eat things that are high in fibre. Science has backed up that fibre plays a helpful role in the diet. Fibre keeps the right amount of water in your intestines, making your digestive system work better. There is also evidence that fibre in the diet helps to prevent stroke, heart disease and ease the effect of diabetes.

7. Drinking water is essential for health and some people do not drink it enough! Drinking one glass of water before a meal will help digestion.

8. If you want to lose weight fast exercise is essential! By making time for exercise and other activities you also avoid the temptation to overeat! The more you exercise though, the more water you will need.

9. Know how much rest and sleep you need. Since sleep helps your ability to lose weight.

10. Have patience! Losing weight takes time and commitment in losing it!

11. Stick to your weight loss plan. When you feel like giving up think of the benefits of losing weight!

12. After successfully reaching your target weight, you must stick to what has worked for you and avoid going back to the old eating habits!


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