Wwe Raw 18/04/2011 Review

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R-Truth comes out to say he is very happy. As after going down a long road he is in line to become WWE Champion and he will walk out that triple threat match as the WWE Champion if we like it or not! After saying he will fight anyone, anywhere, Morrison comes out to congratulate R-Truth before showing footage from last week taking a rest and drinking water while Cena came out for the gauntlet match. Morrison goes on talking about R-Truths health and the fact that he smokes…Then they talk about smoking. R-Truth ends up putting his PPV spot on the line against Morrison.

Extreme Rules PPV Match Contendership
R-Truth vs. John Morrison
Throughout the match we have R-Truth trying to make the quick pins before going to the outside to take a water break playing up with what Morrison has said about him. Back in the ring, R-Truth continues with the quick pins. After missing a scissors kick, R-Truth ducks from Morrisons dives from the ropes, but get pushed down and gets hit with the Starship Pain for the win!
After the match, R-Truth looks unhappy, and as he leaves the ring, he comes back and pulls Morrison off the top rope while he was celebrating and then go off on an attack on Morrison outside the ring. During his attack, he apologises to Morrison but knock him back down. By now we are getting a “R-Truth sucks!” chant and this only makes R-Truth worse as he then hits a Zig Zag type move on Morrison and then asks if anyone has a smoke…After taking and lighting a cigarette the crowd chant “that’s illegal” haha! R-Truth kneels down by Morrison and blows smoke on him.

Vickie introduces the new and improved Dolph, who only comes out with short dyed hair…Now all the need to do is change his name!
Evan Bourne vs. Dolph Ziggler (With Vickie Guerrero)
Poor Bourne, for another week he is already in the ring with no entrance and yet again in a match that not much happened so I shall get to the end. After going to the top rope and missing his Shooting Star Press and lands on his feet, which Dolph then hits the Zig Zag for the win.

I do not talk about many video packages, but WWE showed an awesome one of his Edge, showing great moments of his career, which I thought was cool.

Miz and Riley wearing the new Miz t-shirt. Miz says he had been getting ready to face Cena and R-Truth but then R-Truth made a bad decision and now he has to go up against Cena and Morrison in a steel cage! After stating he can lose the match without being pinned, he asks Riley to bring in a steel chair, where he will sit and wait until the GM changes the match. Sin Cara’s runs down successfully dives into the ring, but then lame ass Cena comes out and ruins what could have been a good moment of for Cara! Cole reads out that there will be a tag team match.

Sin Cara and John Cena vs. The Miz and Alex Riley
As there is no surprise what happens here I shall get to the end. Miz tags in Riley, Cara takes in Cena and Cena takes down  Riley and then Miz off the apron and then Miz walks away as Riley gets the Attitude Adjustment for a failed position Springboard Moonsault for the win.

Brie Bella says Eve might not get her rematch, because she might be drafted next week, which means nothing, as even if she is on Smackdown, the championship can still be defended!
Nikki Bella (With Brie Bella) vs. Eve Torres
This match was so meh. Eve slips on the corner, turns into a weak kick and rolls Nikki up for the win…That is all!

The ring is next for Cole’s knighting. After introducing Swagger, who is carrying a robe the two hug…I guess they have made up…Shame! The robe is then put on Cole and Swagger begins to read from a scroll, which reads that Cole will no longer be known as Mr. WrestleMania…Thank God, but instead, Sir Michael Cole! Swagger then introduces the imposter Queen Elizabeth, who reads off a piece of paper, then uses a sword to knight Cole. Then one of the many ridiculous things happen…Cole gives the imposter a big kiss on the lips! Cole now wants Lawler and JR in the ring and to kiss his feet! Cole takes off his shoe and sock and there is some bruising or something on his foot. As Lawler gets in the ring Swagger jumps him, and locks the ankle lock on JR as Coles foot is in his face…stupid!

Santino Marella vs. Sheamus
This match was so sad. We have seen Santino looking good over the past few weeks, but now come to this Raw he is terrible. When Santino sets himself up to get Sheamus The Cobra, he stumbles and get bro kicked down for the win.

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
So we are seeing this match again instead of Orton against Nexus…Okay then and what makes things worse is Punk yet again does not win and there was me thinking WWE would not have Orton defeating him again! The ending sucked! After blocking a Go To Sleep, RKO, kicking Orton in the face, then blocking another Go To Sleep Orton slides out and rolls Punk up for the win…Meh!
After the match Nexus surroounded Orton before they attack Orton. Mason tries to take over by pushing McGillicutty and Otunga out the way ready to punt Orton but Punk stops him saying Orton is his! Mason does not listen so Punk repeats himself and goes to punt Orton himself, but gets RKO’d and escapes…I was hoping for a Nexus finish!

What did you think of Raw?


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