How Yoga Affects The Rights?

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In a previous article, “Goals of Yoga” I’ve said that classical yoga allows you to perform several important tasks. One of them – is to achieve a state of complete rest and inactivity mind and body, which is achieved by performing asanas. Staying in the immobilized state, the person has a sense of deep relaxation of the whole organism, which is accompanied by inhibition of perception of the world. Thus, man separates himself temporarily from the outside world and focuses entirely on his body. Let us now consider what happens to the Yogi on.

First, it acquires the ability to extraordinary, phenomenal flexibility of the body, which can not cause a dull exercise. You have to understand that achieving this flexibility should not become a major target for yoga, although the recovery of the body when performing asanas cannot but rejoice.

Modern bodybuilding, as well as its ancient Western predecessors, such as Spartan and Greek schools, the emphasis is and make the formation of muscle mass and muscle relief. As we know, this beautifully used exercises with weights.

Eastern is a school, say exact – Ancient Indian School is not limited only to the influence of muscle. Yoga also provides for work with the internal organs of man and his consciousness through the use of certain exercises that have nothing to do with ordinary, everyday movements of the musculoskeletal system.

Putting a person in extreme conditions through asana has it had the same effect, what he could get in real life. And we all know that the ability of a person in such circumstances is phenomenal increase, and at times defies explanation.

What has the impact of yoga on the man? Of course, yoga is fundamentally changes the perception of humans. Classical Yoga with its traditional asanas as it allows you to get away from the consciousness of the body over time and even from those efforts, which certainly puts a yogi, to reach this blissful state. Such a state we usually call meditation, which is the basis of physical and spiritual healing.

Does yoga affects on daily life? Yes, yoga allows you to look at their normal routine, always hurrying somewhere life is completely different eyes. Think about whether you can do it, not doing yoga? No. Yogi looks at himself quite differently, and notices a thing, which in normal life not paying attention.

Classical yoga is just opening, removing the curtain from the perception of the world. This curtain consists of continuous visual, auditory and tactile signals, from the flickering of information from every conceivable source. Moreover, the flow of this information and the number of its sources in the electronic age with each passing day grows immensely. Altered state of consciousness is a kind of microscope, which can be seen the tiniest signals our deep consciousness.

Even in the most difficult impasse classical yoga can miraculously temporarily withdraw from it. I venture to remind you that to achieve the purity of consciousness are not only used relaxation postures, but also so-called force posture.

Sharing the nervous component of the efforts of the physical, consciousness as it forks with the body, one of which is strained, while the second part is relaxing. Such exercises allow the person in everyday life to maintain balance in any physical activity. Force posture in this way help to develop not only a remarkable force, but also endurance. With the relaxation of yoga can also exercise volitional control over the work of internal organs, and this is a transition to a qualitatively higher level management functions of the organism used fakirs.


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