Goal of Yoga

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Most people think that yoga classes are needed for recovery and purification of the body. Moreover, this view can be heard anywhere from anyone. Obtained such a stereotype – yoga as a sport, it is necessary for the recovery of the body. And forget that to achieve high results in yoga, at least to increase the flexibility of the body; it is necessary to master the relaxation of body and mind. The yogi must be able to pause during their thoughts, the movements of his body and his feelings.

Such a state will undoubtedly lead to improvement of body and psyche. But this is only the visible tip of the iceberg. The whole point is that the main job at this time is in the mind of yoga. Yes, it’s not doing anything other than work on a no call. Stopping the physical and mental activity leads to inhibition of individual sections of the cerebral cortex, this allows yoga to rise to higher stages of yoga. As you correctly understood, is based on classical yoga meditation.

Thus, the goal of yoga is a phased two-way communication with your body, personal and impersonal unconscious, up to the Grand limit. This limit is Great – Unity. Of course, a healthy body and steady mind is a very important result in yoga. But this is only a framework that allows us to move higher to the knowledge of himself and the One.

Unfortunately, no matter how perfect a man who calls himself a selfish king of nature, the same nature, once a person is born, begins to work on his aging body. It’s no secret that time is always against our youth, and hence health. What can people oppose, at least temporarily, this aging and gradual destruction? The answer is obvious: the practice of yoga can not only stop the aging time. But send it to a certain period of time reversal. It turns out, the goal of classical yoga, not only in relaxation and meditation, but also in the regeneration of our body! And this is a very strong incentive for regular yoga classes, agree?

Systematic studies of classical yoga, that is, an indispensable condition of meditation when performing asanas, psyche adjusts itself. This cannot but affect the quality of human adaptation to different external influences, thereby increasing the effectiveness and any of its actions is external to the organism over the world.

The actual practice of yoga is based on reliable methods of working with the body, which naturally leads to the necessary change of consciousness.

At that time, as most people believe yoga rather a material substance, rather than spiritual, because the visible part of it – posture and breathing, are available to everyone, and therefore cannot lead to the narrow-minded understanding to the heights of consciousness. Once again I want to remind you that the goal of yoga is to achieve a seamless connection of material and spiritual aspects.

Why did I ever say this? The whole point is that classical yoga in the same India was divided into a huge number of different schools of thought, each of which is always and everywhere declares itself the only true successor to and representative of an ancient tradition.

I am absolutely confident that the true purpose of yoga to find ways to impact on the human psyche through forceful impact on its financial part – the body. Asanas are the best way to implement such an impact.

Body posture in yoga is a wonderful tool to psychophysical settings, allowing achieving recovery, flexibility, etc. Consciousness, tuned to bodily perception is cleansed and soothed by an appropriate work with your body, and becomes able to communicate with the deep layers of the psyche.


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