When I Told Them I Was Leaving my Banking Job to be a Blogger, They Laughed…

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Let me start by the saying. “When you where born, everyone around you was laughing and you where crying. Live your life in such a way that when you die, you leave everyone around you crying and you are the one smiling”

Yes, that’s true and that is what each and every one of us or most of wants. Each and every one of us is working towards leaving a legacy when we die. But, it is not always the case, why? Because somewhere down the road we have let the world decide what is best for us, we have given the world the rights and power to control our destiny, our future and our happiness. I did the same.

Most of you know or have head of me, I am a blogger and I’m making money online and living the internet lifestyle. But before venturing into the online business world; I used to work for one of the largest investment bank in the word as a Support Specialist, my tasks and job description includes minor project management, business analysis, application support and implementations. And when I started working I so happy and didn’t have issues with what I was doing, then after 3 years, things changed, the restructuring, management changed and my colleagues where starting to complains, others where starting to look for other jobs. We’ll, I know you asking yourself” what about me?” As for me, I was starting to research, explore and learn more about the online business, to learn as much as I can by blogging successfully and guess what? It paid off.

When I told them I was leaving my banking job to be a blogger, they laughed and thought I a fool

Yes, when the time came, I told my bosses and my colleagues that I’m leaving my job to be a blogger. I wish you where there to see their faces, some where laughing at me, others where confused and thinking that I’m a fool, how can I trade my monthly cheque for such as stupid thing. The embarrassments didn’t stop there, when I told my girlfriend and my mother they also thought I was crazy and bewitched.

We’ll to cut the story short, it’s been 3 years now and the only person smiling is me, yes me. I go to bed everyday with a smile, travel the world teaching young people about how to create wealth and be successful. I have built an online empire that that is 90% automatic and that is generating me a fat cheque every month without slaving hours. My success has proved that anyone can make a living blogging. Even some of my colleague and bosses have contacted me to help them start something online.

Again, who’s laughing now?


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