Are You Still Believing That it Take's Money to Make Money?

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Most of us where instructed at an early age that it takes money to make money or it takes money to be successful, this lesson went even further to: the rich will always get richer and the poor will always get poorer.

So, as for me, I was not happy with that lesson and would always ask questions about money, wealth creating, success and riches. And yes, I got the same answers every where I asked, maybe I asked the wrong people, I thought. And after sometimes, I decided to dedicate my life searching and finding the truth about wealth creation, money, success and the road to riches. I studies and analysed most of the billionaires in the Forbes rich list, I read with understanding each and every book that I can lay my hand to which is related to wealth and success. I went even further to study the business models, revenue model and investment strategies of the fortune 500 companies. Quest what?

Curiosity Killed the Cat but made me rich. For me been curious and always wanted to explore more, always wanted to find more information, I have changed my life and have proven that it doesn’t always take money to make money. I know you want to know how. Well here’s how and why I made it:

When I grow up I knew I wanted to leave a super life, a life full of joy, happiness, love, success and wealth. My childhood was tough, raised by single parent. when I was doing my high school, a maths teacher asked us what do we want to do when we finish school?, some said, teachers, others lawyers, engineers and me, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I didn’t have a plan to go to the universities because I knew I had no one to pay for my studies, BUT I only knew two things: 1. I’m going to be wealthy, stinking rich and successfully. 2, I’ll never achieve my number 1 working for someone. After high school, I started devoting my life reaching and studying everything about wealth creation and success. I study every book, material that landed in my hands. In 2008 I started applying all the knowledge I has, that’s when my first online business was born. To prove and test all my knowledge and skill, I decided to start this Giant Online Empire with zero capital, I used free online resources like WordPress, then Google site tools, to BlogSpot and all I did was to empower and to bring useful information, tools to this website users. In only less than 24 months, I saw the revenue increased to drastically a month. Re-invested some of the revenue generated to start other ventures.

So, don’t allow people to tell you that you can’t make it. You owe it to yourself to prove them wrong, to show the world who you really are. So, go on and take the world by storm.


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