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It is very frustrating to see the email saying your AdSense application is rejected when we have applied it to make money online with our blog or website and with the dream of getting success with Google AdSense and the blogging business. If it is already happened to you, or you are going to submit your first or second AdSense application to Google, here are quick tips to help you get your AdSense account approved and stop receiving rejection email from Google.

Tell Google that you are the solely owner of the website or blog: You can do so by following methods.

  • Use your real name as payee name in AdSense account and the same name as domain owner name in DNS lookup of your website domain.

  • Use email address with your own domain to apply for AdSense account. For example, YourFirstName @ YourWebsite(dot)com

  • If you are blogger, you can use your real name as author name for your blog posts and articles.

Tell Google that you are ethical webmaster or blogger and not the spammer: You might not know that Google is receiving thousands of AdSense application for spam websites and blogs daily. So you have to be careful here. You can try following methods to prove your uniqueness.

  • Always use unique and original content on your website or blog. Do not copy content from other sites or article directories. Write it your own way or hire professional writer.

  • Content on your website must be family friendly (no porn or adult content) and really informative. Google will reject your AdSense application if it found that you are here just for making money with AdSense and not working for your readers or for quality content. Your first concern should be your readers and than AdSense.

  • Use only ethical and white hat methods to drive traffic to your website. Do not try to play with Google bots or its indexing algorithm. Buying traffic is also not recommended for you.

Tell Google that your website has standing position on internet and has high strength of readers: Don’t forget that Google is the giant search engine first and then AdSense. Google knows how your website or blog is performing on internet and how many people are visiting you. If you are not receiving decent amount of traffic, all other above strategies will fail because there is no revenue without traffic.

  • Work hard to build natural and organic traffic from search engine and some really valuable backlinks to your website before you apply for AdSense program to generate revenue from website visits.

  • Use only white hat internet marketing strategies to bring traffic to your site, for example article directory submission, ethical forum and blog posting, social media networking etc. Paid traffic, link exchange and paid backlinks are not recommended.


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