Improve Adsense Ctr – Cpc For Better Earnings

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Bloggers, how are using AdSense as their primary source of income from their blog, might have noticed fluctuations in their day to day AdSense earnings. Many of you have also seen very low CTR (Click through Ratio) and low CPC (Cost per Click). In this article I am going to share some tips on how to increase CTR and how to improve CPC, which can boost your overall AdSense earning.

CTR is a click trough ratio. Suppose you got 100 visit on your page which as monetized with AdSense, and from it you got 25 AdSense clicks, then your CTR will be 25%. CTR shows, over all ad performance of your site and also how many visitor turns into your ad clicker.

While, CPC (Cost Per Click) is quite a different thing, means how much you earn for each click made by visitors on your ads. It may happen that, your CTR is very high but still your earnings are not satisfying you. This happens because of low CPC, you are getting low earning on each click.

So how do I improve my CTR and CPC?

CTR depends on many factors like, your ad formats, ad placement on your page and colors of ad title and text. There is no thumb rule, but there are some tested and verified results that can help us in choosing ad placement and ad format for better CTR. Text ads performs well as compared to image ads, as it gives more options to click to visitors. Big square box between your title and content can result in more AdSense clicks. You can choose color to suite your website color scheme, or may also leave it to default blue. You can play with your ads by using text and image, different colors each week and studying AdSense earning output

CPC depends on relativity of ads with your content, popularity of your content niche, and number of ads being displayed on your page. We can not find that which ads are going to be displayed on your site, but one thing is clear and said by AdSense team is, it always show ads which perform well and results in higher revenue for both AdSense and publishers. So, the number of ads may result in low CPC. Try to use only one of two ad blocks at appropriate position. It will also help your pages to look readers friendly and not full of ads. Lotmore ads on same page may make visitor totally add blind and you will loss your CTR also there.

So finally, to improve CTR, play with your ad placement and ad colors, and to improve CPC pay with your number of ads and it’s relativity with your content. Use once settings for at least a week and then study your AdSense reports. Once you find better settings for your pages, stay tuned to it. Remember that minor fluctuation in AdSense income is normal; instead try to look for average income per day.


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