How To Win Projects On Micro Job Site Like Fiverr

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Few days ago I have written an article on mini jobs sites like Fiverr and alternatives. After registering my self as a worker on JustaFive and other mini job site, I got my first two projects within a day I posted the jobs there. It inspired me to share tips on wining jobs on mini jobs sites and how to make buyers interested in your job.

I assume that you are aware to the min jobs sites and how they work as you are reading this article. If not, let me quickly tell you that, mini job sites like Fiverr and JustaFive offers a workers to post the job what ever they can do for the fix amount of say $5, $10 or $20. Buyers find the jobs form here and hire the worker; you get the job amount after finishing the jobs at the client’s satisfaction. There is no fee to join the mini or micro job sites. They charge commission on each sell you made.

Okay so now you are already aware to the work from home and making money with mini and micro job sites, we are ready to go with the strategies of wining projects on these sites.

  1. Before blindly registering for the program, you must analyses you own creativity and ability to work online. You must understand your self, what you can do, what you are expert in etc etc.

  2. Once you decided the type of job you can do and your expert field to work online, you must proceed toward analyzing the client’s interest and requirements from these sites. For example, if you want to offer writing jobs, you must understand the requirement in writing field. You can offer article directory submission with backlink or blog submission with backlink to client’s site with your writing service. It will attract more client and will also make your client trust on you, because from your job offer, they can understand that you are not only the writer, you are also aware of article marketing, directory submission  like SEO strategies.

  3. Find out the most searchable keywords for your job. Let us take writing as an example again; you can select keywords like article writing, ezine publishing, article marketing, blogging, content writer etc.

  4. You must have original, trust worthy and client’s friendly profile. You must upload your original photograph on your profile and you must look like professional or serious worker in your photo instead of stylish photos we generally use in social networking sites. If you have any background experience in the same field you are offering job, you must mention that in ‘about us’ section of your profile. You may also paste your website url or your valuable public profile from other freelance site like odesk, elance or vworker. More you describe your self as professional, generates more chances of getting jobs.

All these tips are necessary to follow to fight the competition and win the projects, so that you can and earn online. Always remember that, you are not only the worker in that niche for example writer, there will be countless people offering the same jobs as you.


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