Earn Money Online Doing Forum Posting

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I am back again with a new idea to earn money online without investment. Today I am going to share information on how you can earn money by simply doing forum posting. Before starting a journey toward online money, let us discuss why a forum is so important to earn money, and how a forum can help you be rich.

Since many years, forums have been on top list of high traffic websites similar to social networking sites and social bookmarking sites. Forum is the place where people discuss about the actual problem and get actual solutions to their problem. Main reason of forum being so popular in search engines is it’s content, good forums are created with very informative and unique content posted by forum users. If you are forum user, you can have so many eyes reading your posts on daily basis. Forum is platform which let your write something and many peoples keeps reading it forever, as your post will remain there till the age of forum it self.

So, forum is the source of high traffic of relatively interested audience. And in Internet marketing language “Traffic means Money”, At the end of this article, I will prove this sentence.

There are certain levels of members in forum, there are posting rules, terms and conditions. Doing forum posting on daily basis will improve your profile credibility on forum and it also helps to build relations with the readers. Your profile image with profile level and credibility will be displayed on each of your post or reply to forum thread. If your profile is good, readers may trust you, they may think that you have good knowledge on that particular niche.

All forums let you put author box below each of your post. This is called forum signature, where your can put two or more HTML links to your own resources. Reader will always like to visit your resources once they found you are good enough knowledge in that niche, through your profile level or ranking. Thus this way you can gain traffic from forum readers, who are actually interested in your signature links. This traffic is more useful to build online business instead of simple search engine traffic or CPC traffic, as this traffic is 100% interested to visit what you want them to visit.

SO, this is the matter of forum signature and forum traffic, but how to get benefit of these traffic to convert it into constant flowing online income without investment?

You may select either of following methods to earn money from forum traffic.

  1. Create blog, build traffic and monetize it.

  2. Use affiliate marketing, select product of similar niche and forward traffic to that product page.

Steps to earn money from forum traffic.

  1. Select one of the above mothod to use forum traffic to earn money online.

  2. Create your free forum account in similar niche having high Google PR and Alexa rank. You can find them on Google. Four to five forum will be enough in the same niche.

  3. Fill up your full profile and keep posting, reading, and researching on regular basis.

  4. Minimum post per day recommended is 10 on each forum, After 10 days you will have 100 posts on each forum.

  5. Add your links of your monetized blog or affiliate marketing product in you signature as soon as you are allowed to do so by forum terms.

  6. IF you follow these steps and keep posting on regular basis, you will find the results with a week or two.

Warning: Forums are very strict to SPAMMERS. Always read and understand the forum posting rules and behave like a genuine niche expert not like Spammers who only means to increase number of posts. And always remember that “there is no shortcut to become rich on Internet” just like domestic market, so keep patience keep working. Please feel free to comment on this article.


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