Police Still Hold Corpse Bombers Cirebon

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Muhammad Sharif was the suicide bombers in mosques adhDzikra Mapolres CirebonCity, on Friday (15/04/2011). That for the purposes of investigators in the field, according to investigators (the body) is still required for the development of this case, said DeputyChief of the Criminal Investigation Police Inspector General Mathius Salempang, at PoliceHeadquarters, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/04/2011).

Regarding the discovery of the materials to assemble a bomb in his sister‘s house, Basuki,Mathius state police are still doing the development of the invention itu.Namun, basuki still awitness. Police have not concluded Basuki involved in terrorist acts.

“If he participated but did not do, so baseball can dong. Depending on the involvement ofher, can not directly say he was involved. To the extent not related, can not be said to be involved, he said

We have not taken the family to allow the bodies because it is still needed forinvestigation, especially for the benefit of forensic tests, said Head of Public RelationsDivision, Police Headquarters Police Inspector Anton Bachrul Alam, told reporters inJayapura on Tuesday.

Anton who came to Jayapura for gathering with local members of the press was added,Sharif‘s body will be given to the family if an investigation is deemed sufficient.

Once there is consent from the police, families are welcome immediately collect the bodies. Until now deceased is still in the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, he explained.

In addition to securing a number of documents and books of jihad, the officers also securedarchival photographs of military training activities, CDs and cables.
New officers completed the sweep as much at 17.30 WIB.

There is no official statement from the police. However Kuwu Trusmi Wetan Village, KamaBahari Al Kasim who participated witnessed sweeping revealed, the goods taken aredocuments belonging Achmad Basuki.

I only see as a witness to witness the goods carried, he said.

In addition to housing officers Basuki also do the same at the residence of SharifMuchamad Mochamad Sarip eyebrows at RT 03 RW 06 Kelurahan Kebon Pring PekalipanPekalipan Cirebon District. Numerous documents were also brought in sweeping theofficer


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