Top 5 Racing Cars of The Past

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Auto Racing is the latest in technology and the dynamics of management. Aspects of skills of speed, acceleration, aerodynamics and resistance is a test for man and machine. The first racing cars built with what we have now is known as the simplest of technologies, but revolutionary then. As engineers and designers of the car was Dotta thin and elegant. Some great racing cars owe their existence to a certain degree of innovation.

Ford GT40

If your offer Ford of Ferrari shopping at the last moment, lost in the first artist for the link package, promised a “major as the Italian società di sport preview. Ford decided to set up his own sports car. The company came up with the beautiful Ford GT40. Ford and Ferrari are fighting hard, events, victory since 1966. 1966 was the GT40 Le Mans and 67, 68 and 69. Athlete’s resistance on the Ford GT40 was the first car to exceed 200 km/h. beat Ferrari in speed events. Le Mans and other races to win Ford to show v-8 engine typical traditional events in the world compete fairly for American cars in the race.

Matra-Simca MS670

When a French Sports car company announced solo Le Mans, which was essentially a French event of other Europeans, wish, formula one and Le Mans 1969, before winning the tournament. When the rules for FIA for cars of any engine sport prototype was the 3.0 l Matra limited option. Powered by Simca Matra V12 engine with an angle of 60 ° block, create two camshaft and four valves per cylinder, which has shown a high level. The car, but with a disappointing run in 1969. The company refined to make it more speed. The new car of 1970 was MS670 bar a barchetta body and a rear spoiler. The car won convincingly at Le Mans in 1970. Arriving at the idea of car enthusiasts and given the name of one of the biggest victory.


Jaguar has a long history of racing. Won the 1990 Le Mans 7 times in a row with the current. He was also the last British car to win at Le Mans. XJR SPORTSCARS-12 is installed with the same aspirations Wk22 XJR SPORTSCARS-9 was fitted. The rules that the FIA have relaxed and allowed Motorsports with exit and any number of cylinders must be but a minimum weight of 1000 kg, which embody the XJR SPORTSCARS-12 seems intelligent and balanced performance. The Group of four Jaguar was for the event in 1990. They were by Porsche and Nissan headquarters eventually managed to two Jaguars, the third in second place in the competition. Endurance sports racing cars in the more difficult conditions, for example, an event of the le Mans 24 hours.

Ferrari 250

This car-sized Ferrari race tour was the most beautiful ever took place. GTO is designed so it’s perfect balance and aerodynamic features. Dancer sports car, said racing fans. In his first tournament on the 250 GT of the Mille Miglia, 1952, he won and gave the best performance at Le Mans. GTO was named the dog at the top of the race. He won many competitions until 1964, until that behind the lines in the Daytona coupe was in exile.

Porsche 956

956 Is a remarkable drive Porsche holding some phenomenal record in competitive sport. New FIA rules, 1982 after so that the participants in a limited quantity of fuel per car for the race was created. 956 was a flat six engine Turbo aluminium and a new construction monocoque aluminium, novelty in motor racing. It has excellent aerodynamics, which gave her the seductive look. A significant change in fuel consumption, thanks to the technology generates 956 more than three times more Cargo aerodynamics as a Porsche 917. GAB is a 2.7 litre engine, Fort 620 HP performance. 956 had four consecutive wins in Le Mans from 1982 to 1986.


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