Nyc Nutritionist: Feel Your Best on a Customized Diet

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What you eat can give you more energy and make you high on life. We’re not talking about the infamous marijuana brownies made by the hippies in the 70’s, but good wholesome food that can change your body as well as your attitude toward life. Every day, scientists are learning more about the connection between our brains and our bodies. The food we put into our bodies causes chemical reactions that affect our emotions and the ability to focus and think.

The reverse is also true. No matter how well balanced your diet is, if you constantly focus on things that make your stomach churn or that make you so angry you feel acid rising in your throat, you won’t feel well. Some people use food as a crutch in times of stress or a comfort when they’re sad. These are emotional ties to food. In order to become healthy and stay healthy, you have to learn to focus on your thoughts and belief systems too.

While some foods are notorious for improving your attitude, due to the chemical properties in the food, they don’t affect all people the same. Just like prescription drugs, certain make people feel worse when it’s supposed to make them feel better. That’s because everyone has his or her own unique chemical balance.

Some people may find they feel best when they have a diet that’s high in carbohydrates while lower in proteins and fat. Some people thrive on the exact opposite and fares best when they have more protein in their diet. Others need more of a balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Even if you function best with a majority of healthy carbohydrates, the type of carbohydrates you consume makes a difference in your performance. Some people find that a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables gives them the vitality to dance their way through the day and late into the evening. Others require more grain products for their carbohydrates. For those that require more protein and fat than carbohydrates the proportions and types of each food are also important. No two people are alike, even those having similar nutritional needs. Finding just the right blend of foods to encourage maximum body efficiency and weight loss also requires the expertise of a professional.

The foods you eat are responsible for a series of complex chemical reactions that take place within your body, the order in which you eat them is equally important. Just imagine yourself as a scientist mixing up a complicated formula. If you add one ingredient out of order, it causes a chemical reaction that changes the entire composition of the mixture, making the next step impossible. A NYC nutritionist can help you identify the foods that work best for your body and help you with a diet plan that even tells you the best order in which to eat the foods.

Eating the right foods for your body can make you have more energy and get you high on life again. What foods make you high on life? By now you should have guessed, it’s different for each person. You can find your special list by using the services of a NYC nutrition specialist.


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