Pathos – Playing With Nature

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It is pathetic how man has become an animal worse than any other species out there. In a most shocking video, a recent event, I saw a leopard being seriously beaten with sticks by a group of villagers. The poor leopard could only raise its paws while its head received innumerable blows by the bludgeons that those ignorant villagers showered on it. So pitiful was the scene that it would have caused any normal being with a soul to stop the act. But the stupid stern villagers continued without caring to look that they had already incapacitated the poor animal. They clubbed the leopard mercilessly even when they knew that the animal was dead.

As I brood now, there were probably a million solutions for capturing the animal unharmed. However one could argue that they didn’t have so much time to think as it might’ve hurt anyone. We must not forget that animals are afraid of humans. If there is a mob on a hunt then not a single predator would endeavour to defy the humans. It would go for the run because it knows that man is a more paranoid being than any other. When you lie on the safer side then what harm possibly, could you surmise, it could cause?

I am pretty sure they hunted the poor animal just for the fact that it might hurt someone and not for the fact that it ‘did hurt’ someone. Man wants to live in the safer part of the town. He slays every other being who intimidates him. He doesn’t want to take any chances. He goes for the kill every now and then. He attacks everything that looks ugly. He doesn’t want to think that the creature he attacked had a soul and a weeping heart which he shut down forever.

We’ll never learn. We are so ardent and stupid. We bask in the glory of the nature. We rejoice for the fact we are humans. We shout as we are not mute. We qualify as we are the bravest still we are not humble. While man has the ability to manifest his wrath he makes the most of it. He does it for sport, he does it for the fun of it and he doesn’t give a damn about how ugly things could go.

With thousands of flicks manifesting the serious issue, while thousands of books like Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The jungle book’ and many more point in the very direction, yet we pretend to be blind.

While ‘The Jungle Book’ portrayed how the animals were so much afraid of the humans, taking extra precaution every minute, not letting any of their kind to drift away in the direction of the villagers, we sat back relaxed and enjoyed it all. We grinned at it – the fear we had created, the intimidation and at our savage behaviour. Strange! Yet we call ‘them’ wild.

Pity our fate when we get clobbered by the calamitous wrath of the nature. And every other day when such a thing happens we don’t say that it was bound to happen but we say how evil of Lord to punish us so badly. While we overlook our misdeeds every day and accuse Him for everything we could, instead, apprehend the miscreants at the scene of crime. But alas! We can’t do that, now can we? Such acts are known as misdemeanours and not a crime in our dictionary. When half of the world considers such a thing to be morally ‘right’ we cannot metamorphose it as a rule.

We know the answers to everything, we have the solution for everything in this age and yet we claim to be ignorant when fingers are raised at us. We don’t like to be blamed and so we blame others. We are too dumb to speak and too deaf to listen. We are busy (or do we pretend?) in our own meaningless lives while forgetting how nature impregnated us and how we reciprocated that affection with a kick in its groin.

The question is – did we learn anything at all?

While my compassion eyed me with impotency all I could do was pen down the sorry event and ask for forgiveness on behalf of every soul on this planet. As the bludgeons sucked on to the life of the poor creature, I felt it was a soul-stirring moment for not only me but for everyone who watched it.


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