Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floors- How to Choose The Right Contractor

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garage floors are difficult tomaintain & keep clean so I thought I would see what new floor finishesare available for the surface of the floor of the garage. Someone suggested looking an epoxy finished floor, so I thought I might look into it.

Some concrete paints are not expensive but do not bond well to the concrete surface. You have to bear in mind that garage floors particularly, can take a hammering ,not just from people on foot, but also from vehicles tools ladders etc. It is possible that hot tyres may even pull the paint from the concrete. So you need to proceed with care,considering an epoxy paint to get good results.

Concrete floors using epoxy resin have become more popular and offer a range of benefits:

• A decorative floor finish will improve the appearance any area and could increase the value of your home, shop, etc.
• Protects and extends the life of your concrete.
• Simple to clean, maintain & is bacterial resistant.
• Dirt and dust debris tracked into your home or business is reduced.
• Provides a waterproof barrier.
• Is mould resistant.
• Reduces radon gas emissions.
• Is a unique and durable flooring application.
• Can be laid in hours and usable just one hour after application
• Choice from a range of seamless finishes, dazzling glossy finishes, sparkling epoxies and contemporary designs

By the way, epoxy resin finishes are basically a floor paint but of superior substance and finish
My research also told me to ensure that I contact a professional company to ensure that the job is done right.
So how do you find a good supplier of epoxy flooring finishing?

The first place is the internet, using the Google search engine, for EPOXY GARAGE FLOORS, or RESIN COATED FLOORS. You may search locally, but I would look further afield, as some companies have their head office in a major city, but still have approved contractors working in different parts of the country.

You may also want to search in local business directories online like
Ask at least three companies to vest and provide a detailed proposal for the work, including the full details of the finish and applications, so you can try to compare ‘like-for-like’.

Also ask for details of past work done, preferably at least 3 examples, with one of them locally.
Ask them if they mind you contacting their customers (and if they do not, that is a warning signal!), and where possible, call the local customer and ask to visit so you can view the work done, and elicit their recommendation.

Ask them, not only iF they were satisfied with the final job, but also enquire about issues that include:
a) How quick were they in processing the project?
b) How courteous was their staffs throughout the project?
c) How tidy was their staffs throughout the project?

It is also vital to find out what type of guarantee is offered by each company, and ensure that this guarantee is provided in written form.
Having done this, you are in a position to place you order.

A word of warning, don’t pay everything up front. Paying a deposit is ok; personally I would be looking to no more than 25%, enabling me to keep control should,but unlikely, that a poor job is done.

Best of luck looking for your epoxy garage floors.


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