Save And Easy Tip to Help You Filing Tax Return With $0 Tax Liabilities

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Save and Easy Tip to Help you Filing Tax ReturnWho pays income taxes?

This is always not a fun thing when you are told you owe more tax than you have already paid after you filed your return, this surprising moment would create lots of problem for you and your family.  According to the tax policy center, there is more American(about 45%) this year at 2010 owe no tax to the IRS, thanks to the continuous of the Bush’s Tax Cut signed by the President Obama.  However, because of our country’s debt crisis, our government would soon eliminate the tax breaks and cut and therefore you need to more serious about how you file your tax return for the coming year so you could still owe no taxes to the IRS.

Tip #1 Use the IRS Calculator and Change the Withholding and Exemption if Needed

That is a tool on the page called IRS Withholding Calculator, it is a very easy to use tool to help you determine how much your employer should withhold the tax for you.  This tool will help you to withhold a correct amount of tax for you.  Therefore, you should use this easy tool and change the withholding and exemption if needed.

Tip #2 Ask the Expert and Get Help

If things got more complicated and you have a hired accountant or any tax specialist for your yearly tax return, you should ask them to guide you before it is too late or almost at the end of the last minutes.  People always think that asking an accountant or using any tax services is costly, and this is why they ignore the problem.  In my opinion, ignorance would always create a bigger problem later because it will become bigger and bigger.  That is why I feel it is a good habit to get help to fix the problem as soon as you could.

Tip #3 Gather All the Needed Documents for the Tax Deduction As Soon As Possible

I always feel that if you have to do something like tax filing at the last minute, you will always miss something important.  Therefore, gather all the documents needed as soon as possible will actually save you hundreds of dollars in taxes.  Here is a Yahoo! Tax Filing Checklist to help you for the tax filing needed documents.

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