Take Enough Care of Your Cats !

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Cats are wonderful, intelligent and friendly creatures and due to the amount of love and affection they generous on their owners, they became great pets for the people of all ages all around the world. Whenever you bring a cat or kitten home, you are effectively taking on the responsibility and care for the new addition to your family. Care includes every aspect to deal with such as physical, emotional and social as well.

Health is an essential aspect for every living being, when it comes to your pet, you must not ignore the importance of hygiene and health care. There will probably come a time when your cat may become ill. Lack of guidance for health care can be a bit frightening, especially for the very first time owners, so here is what you should be keep on mind.

How to know your cat is ill?

Every day you must confirm whether your cat is having any symptoms of illness. Some cats may have several signs, some only one or two. These can include the following:

Lack of the desire for food, sleeping more than normal (do not consider lazy), loss of energy, weight loss or surge in a short period, infection, diarrhea, drinking less or more than normal, abnormal swellings, rashes, skin conditions, bleeding, coughing, hobbling, running nose or eyes, signs that your cat is in pain, including sensitivity when you touch her, any kind of behavioral changes, etc.

There are numerous other signs which draw your attention and indicate that your cat has been hurt or is ill which are not featured on this list. The trick is to notice anything which seems out of the usual with your cat which then could then indicate illness. Precaution is better than Cure, now that’s not only for humans ! Once you bring a cat or kitten home make sure you vaccinate her with regular dosage, this way you can immunize them from developing serious health problems which may prove fatal if not dealt properly. It also helps to stop the spread the illness from one to other pets.

What should you do if your cat is ill?

Now, if you sense that your cat is ill or hurt, then you should immediately ring your local vets and make an appointment for them to see her.

Which diseases do these immunizations care for ?

There are certain diseases for which these vaccines give protection to your cats or kittens. These include cat flu, feline leukemia virus, feline infectious enteritis and feline Chlamydia.


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