Electric Mobility Scooters And Motorized Wheelchairs

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People who are old, disabled or critically ill can manage their life better with electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs. Being able to move is important for almost all aspects of daily life. Even when one is able to move a little it increases the person’s ability to make a living, learn, and interact with family, friends and the society. Many of the people who have limitations in mobility suffer with permanent disability. If a person is suffering from conditions such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and muscular dystrophy, it is very painful and difficult for them to move. These are several mobility deices and aids to help them to lead a complete life. Motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters are the most popular independently controlled machines. 

A motorized wheelchair comes with six wheels and a joystick for steering, which is a useful and an excellent mode of transportation for a person who can’t move himself.  Motorized wheelchairs are also known as electric chair, power chair and power wheelchair. A motorized wheelchair comes with excellent maneuverability options which make it ideal to be used at home as it can usually fit in most places. They are generally used in-doors. 

Mobility which is offered by electric wheelchairs can bring about a dramatic change in a person’s life. With the enhancement in technology people can now get lighter, smaller and better maneuverable motorized wheelchairs for use inside the home allowing people to move about in minute spaces. 

 Electric mobility scooters on the other hand are designed with 3 or 4 wheels and are steered more or less like a cycle with the help of handlebars and control mechanisms which are controlled by hands. Electric mobility scooters can be used comfortably inside the home as well as for outdoor activities. They move very easily and smoothly on different surfaces. You can even get portable electric mobility scooters which can be carried in the back of a car.

Electric mobility scooters are dependable, simple to operate, safe as well as comfortable and don’t look very medical. Modern electric mobility scooters come with a steering column, the tiller, which has the handlebars with the control mechanisms and a raised area which has the seat and supports the person’s feet and battery. You will be strained less physically in electric mobility scooters as compared to a manual wheelchair or a walker. A person who uses the mobility scooter should be capable of walking some steps and have enough strength and agility in the upper body which may not be needed to manage a manual wheelchair or a walker.   

Physical challenges should not essentially stop people from taking part in day to day activities. Electric mobility scooters or a wheelchair and can bring back your freedom of mobility to live a more active lifestyle. 


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