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There are individuals who think that advertising in yellow pages does not get response like in some other ways of advertising. If we are discussing the traditional yellow pages, then surely there is a decrease in the numbers who want to advertise in it. Recent reports suggest that even if the advertisement is very attractive it does not get the same kind of response as received earlier. With the cost of advertising in yellow pages increasing it becomes all the more difficult. 

The fact is that different groups are seeing different levels of decline. For example the lawyers section has the maximum decrease and there is marginal cut in the emergency service provider. 

According to experts it will not be enough for business to get buyers just by advertising in yellow pages. It is best to consider other options also. Internet has reached every house today and over 50 percent of the net users get connected daily. People now prefer to make online purchases. You must research the Internet to find the product reviews. Even individuals who don’t generally shop online are also trying it as there is a lot of information available easily from home. Customers find it easier to trust the feedback given by people who have used the product before buying it. 

Yellow pages online is a comparatively new concept and the best part is that it is updated regularly in contrast to the printed option. It can be seen from anywhere and according to studies the response for the business went up by 25 percent yearly. People who are looking for advertising in yellow pages can do it online. These directories are put forward to the search engines and on typing the keyword you will get the result. This can help medium and small local businesses. You can also save on the cost of developing and maintaining a website as all the required company information is available in the yellow pages online. Advertising in yellow pages aims to bring new customers which can be achieved by this.  

You must work intelligently and choose the effective ways of advertising. You just can depend on advertising in yellow pages. Examine the cost of placing advertisement in the directories and estimate the increase in customers to make sure this is good business sense. If a potential customer contacts, enquire how they found you to aid you analyze which way of advertising is best for your business. You can always correct your mistake for better business. 


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