This is What Sons And Daughters of Oppression Do.

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This is what sons and daughters of oppression do

Give you a smile and hand you a fist

Give you a dollar and ask for submission

Give you friendship in exchange for compliance

But when you decide to think things through, then, my friend your introuble!

Sailing through the sea on ships packed with human suffering they brought to this country a concept of free thought

But free thought died long ago and they were the ones who murdered it

Robots and slaves are all that is left in the machinery of America

And machinery is what has become of it

Corruption is their nature, power is their God, and they both meet in a place they call mass.

They will sell you ideologies of a jealous God who makes side deals with the devil, and asks decent persons to sacrifice their greates gift, just to check loyalties.

This will all come in a beautifully gift wrapped package

If you accept it they might even throw in a tie.

Their communities are structured to keep checks and balances

From the shadows they manipulate who gets what, and who goes where

Better practice the yes sir and yes mam if you want to feed your children

Also teach them to do the same to theirs if you don’t want your own at the mercy of the mob.

And when their mob destroys a youths joy for life…

The elders will sit in circles and ask how Columbine could have ever happened.

Or in starbucks and point fingers over cappucino and hot cocoa.

But they are very clever though

You see they don’t even have to do any of the work themselves anymore

Because this is the greatest gift they give to theirs

The ability to keep you down, give you scraps, stomp your spirit, and sell you salvation with a delightsome smile!

And when the dollar falls concentration camps open so, reserve your seats now…space is limmited.

But don’t worry if you can’t make it due to heavy traffic, they’ll send the henchmen in uniform to round you up anyway

After all that’s the plan and their sticking to it. 


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