Store Your Pottery

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Most homes have some degree of storage issues in the modern world. The kitchen is often a center of discontent among women for its lack of storage space and quite often storage options. Many homeowners’ have turned to pottery to increase the amount of storage space in the kitchen through several methods. 

First of all, by purchasing different sized pottery bowls they can be stored one inside the other. This maximizes the use for that space while providing plenty of mixing bowls as well as baking bowls (most pottery may be baked though you should check the care instructions before baking or placing pottery pieces in the microwave). This provides storage by allowing the larger bowls to contain the smaller bowls and provides plenty of cookware for use in the microwave and oven of your home. Versatility and storage make great cabinet mates. 

As far as other storage options, canisters made of pottery are often attractive choices. Not only do these make nice aesthetic additions to most kitchen counter tops, they also make very useful additions for storing things such as flour, sugar, tea, coffee, rice, pasta, and other items that often occupy space wherever they can be crammed and make horrendous messes when not properly stored. There are many styles of pottery that are perfect for storing counter top items that will work well with a wide variety of home décor styles. 

If you are particularly discriminating in your tastes and needs for pottery storage options you could always approach your favorite artist about commissioning some special pieces for you private collection. This is often quite an expensive undertaking but it often gets you exactly what you are looking for to suit your décor and meet your storage needs. 

Larger pieces of pottery are great for storage as well and many of these can sit directly on the floor. It is important to keep in mind that one of the original purposes of pottery was for the storage of large amounts of grain. Larger storage vessels aren’t needed as often today because most families do not attempt to store enough grain for the winter but rely on retail avenues for food during the months when food cannot be grown or harvested. If you happen to be a family that grows your own, the larger pottery, created to store large amounts of whatever, may be appealing to you. Of course you could simply purchase these pieces because they would make a great place to hold your penny collection or some other type of collection. 

Smaller pottery pieces are ideal for storing smaller treasures. They are great for storing a child’s first tooth or the key to a diary or treasure chest among other things. For large and small storage needs chances are that there is a pottery piece that is almost perfect to suit them-within reason of course. More importantly, well-made and aesthetically pleasing pottery is a clever way of disguising the practicality of the pieces. Guests and visitors will think you are simple an amazingly well organized collector of pottery without ever guessing that your pottery hides away many of the items that lead to clutter in so many households. 

Another thing that can be stored in larger pottery pieces that are specifically designed to store these treats are plants. Some of the most beautiful planters are pottery and can greatly enhance both plants that are kept outside or inside your home. If you have plants that you are interested in featuring on the exterior of your home, a well-designed pottery planter is a great way to do just that. For the inside of your home, pottery planters are almost never the wrong way to go. 

For storage needs large and small and ranging from the everyday and ordinary to utterly extraordinary, chances are that there is some piece of potter that presents an ideal solution.


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