Create a Pottery For Your Jewelry

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Pottery has many uses and has had many uses throughout the history of the world. One use that is often overlooked or not very widely known is as jewelry. Ceramics and stoneware make for some very beautiful and elegant pieces of jewelry as well as for some fun and very funky designs. If you are looking for a gift for a friend or loved one or simply something to dress up your own jewelry box a little bit then you might want to pay careful attention to the market and check out some jewelry that is made of clay. 

Finding these pieces may be a little more difficult than a trip to your favorite costume jewelry shop or department store. Most pieces of this nature are pieces that you may hand make if you are so inclined to do or those that may be purchased directly from the artists that create them. Occasionally you will find a potter who really enjoys the idea of making, or for that matter wearing, jewelry and has discovered a new talent that sets her (or him) apart from others in the field of working with clay. Other times you will find that jewelry making shops will have a few pieces of pottery that can be purchased to make your own jewelry with. There are a few options as you can tell and no reason to pick one over the other. You could always work to incorporate several into your jewelry collection. The more the merrier, right? 

There are many beautiful options available to those who wish to purchase or craft their own beautiful jewelry made from pottery. The possibilities are nearly as limitless as any other type of jewelry. There are casual pieces that can be crafted with pottery to create a fun every day kind of pendant or earrings as well as the more elegant pieces that are meant for special occasions and to really garner not only a great deal of attention but also more than your fair share of envious glances. Jewelry is an adornment that many women adore. Be prepared to have some jealous looks as you walk into any event wearing pottery jewelry. 

If you decide to learn to make your own pottery jewelry then it is possible to have one of a kind pieces (unless of course you decide to make more) that friends, families, and (more importantly) enemies alike will turn green over. In time you can perfect your skills and you will have developed a talent that can actually create great gifts for friends and family if you are so inclined. If you have a talent there is nothing wrong with using that talent to make things for those you love. Most loved ones will appreciate the time, talent, and attention that went into crafting the jewelry and find it to be even more valuable for all of those reasons. 

Purchasing jewelry made of pottery may be a little more difficult in some areas than others. The Internet makes the prospect a lot more convenient than in times past however. Look to popular bidding websites that specialize in artsy items as jewelry made of pottery definitely qualifies as artsy as well as something that is a little out of the ordinary, though becoming a little more popular every day. 

You should also check out local craft shows, jewelry shops, and pottery shops to see if they may have some jewelry made of pottery that catches your eye. If not then check out local flea markets and festivals that have visiting vendors. It’s amazing some of the finds you can come up with at these types of events. Beautiful jewelry is no exception to the great craft treats that are available at these types of festivals across the nation. Keep your eyes open and on the lookout for some beautiful pottery pieces. You never know what you might find when you least expect it.


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